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Food: 47 Cheese Free Vegetarian Sandwich Fillers

Confession time: I spend way too much money over a monthly period on cheese. That’s with us even buying cheap own brand cheese from places like ASDA and Lidl. With Baby Number 2 on the way, it’s time to not only start saving money on our food bills where possible, but it’s also time to cut out some slightly unhealthy habits. As the resident veggie, I tend to be the cheese fiend in the house. I desperately needed some inspiration for cheese free vegetarian sandwich fillers that were still cheap, healthy and exciting. I took to Facebook to ask...

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Recipe: Vegetarian Feta Cheese, Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie (+ food budgeting tips!)

I’m always on the hunt for vegetarian meals that don’t break the bank. I’m particularly fond of meals that you can whip up just from things you happen to have lying around at home in the back of your freezer or hiding in your cupboards. Cheap and tasty – that’s my motto! It can be difficult to find budget friendly food in the summer months. That’s because a lot of those cheap meals we love so much are heavy and hearty, with the sole aim to fill us up quickly and cheaply. However, during the summer, the last thing...

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Money: Weekly Vegetarian Meal Plan #2

This weekend is my birthday and as a special (budget friendly) treat, Mikey is taking me camping! So that means that our Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals will all be glorious budget BBQ foods. As mentioned in last weeks vegetarian meal plan, Mikey eats meat but doesn’t often get the opportunity to have a “full on” meaty meal because of my being a vegetarian; as you can imagine, he’s very much looking forward to having some classic BBQ food over the weekend. As we’re away from Friday midday, we’ve only really done a shop and plan for four days...

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Money: Vegetarian Weekly Meal Plan #1

If you read my recent post about learning to meal plan and budget our food shops, you’ll know that this is something we initially struggled with when we moved house. I’m now very pleased to say that have sort of got the hang of it. Meal planning didn’t come naturally to us at first and I mentioned in my previous post that we were finding it difficult to remember that “left overs” can, in fact, become a whole new meal. I’m happy to say that without fail, every Saturday, we both sit down and plan our meals for the...

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Easy Vegetarian Tart

This vegetarian tart has quite possibly become my new favourite go-to meal when I’m feeling lazy and want something really tasty, without putting loads of effort in. Obviously, as part of my Lifestyle Change, I’m trying to change the way I see food and stick to a some what healthy diet. I’m vegetarian, so you’d think it would be super easy, but I am having to find food that everyone will enjoy as well. Having seen these on the old TV adverts, I thought I should give it a go and it just turned out way better than I...

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