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Autumn Style Wishlist 2017 – Esprit

Hurrah for Autumn! Like many comfort lovers, Autumn is my favourite season (by far!) and October and November are my favourite months of the year. Not only are there actually legitimate excuses to dress up as monsters, eat tonnes of chocolate, stay up late to watch fireworks and have scary movie nights, you also get to snuggle up under big blankets, drink hot chocolate, crunch through piles of crispy leaves and collect millions of conkers. Yep. Autumn is pretty great. Another great thing about Autumn is the fashion! As soon as those evenings start getting darker earlier and I...

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Giveaway: #BabyLove: My Toddler Life

I already thought that Luke was a pretty keen reader, but since he started Year R in September, I have watched his interest in books soar. I am delighted to have a little book worm – just like his mummy! That’s why it’s always amazing when authors of children’s books get in touch with me and ask if Luke and I would like to have a read of their latest stories. Recently, Luke got some happy mail from the post man which contained Corine Dehghanpiseh’s new children’s book – #BabyLove: My Toddler Life. Luke’s like a kid at Christmas...

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Recipe: Halloween Shortbread Biscuits

Halloween is the perfect opportunity in our flat to get our craft on. There seem to be unlimited numbers of activities, games and crafts that are centred around Halloween and it would be mad not to celebrate the holiday in style with Luke. We’ve started to get excited about Halloween now that October has arrived. I can’t wait to do some pumpkin carving – you’d think by now I’d be able to do a decent job, but nope, I still suck at it! Luke doesn’t seem to mind all that much though and enjoys making a mess and squelching...

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Money: 7 Things To Buy Now That Will Save You Money Later

It’s no secret that investing in good quality products will mean that they last longer, perform better and therefore save you money in the long run. I’m not talking about buying the most expensive items you can find in the hopes that they serve you well – that’s a completely different kettle of fish. I’m talking about investing your money in things around the house and for your family that are of good quality and guaranteed to save you a fortune if you invest in them now. Obviously, when you’re strapped for cash, investing in household components may be...

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Mental Health: Feel Stress Free and Thrive

I’ve written before about my struggles with mental health and how I have little goals in my mind that I want to try and achieve over the year. I previously wrote that it’s something I haven’t talked much about because I feel very vulnerable discussing it and almost like I’ll be judged by those I know and even those I don’t know. I feel that mental health is a topic that should be discussed more openly and I admire those who are able to talk freely about it without having that constant pang of panic. Or maybe they do...

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