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5 Perfect Destinations for a Family Holiday on a Budget

Finding the perfect family holiday without having to the splash the cash can seem like an impossible task sometimes — but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve hunted down the best destinations for budget travel, so you can enjoy a family-friendly (and purse-friendly) break. 1. Dinard, France This traditional seaside resort has plenty to keep everyone in the family happy, including bright, sunny weather. There are four main beaches to choose from, with Plage de l’Ecluse having the most facilities, including entertainment, watersports like sailing and kayaking, and lots of sand for that all-important sandcastle building. Away from the...

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Days Out: Hunting For The Highway Rat at Alice Holt, Farnham

The Highway Rat has fast become one of Luke’s favourite books and I’m sure some of that is thanks to the BBC’s animated film production they aired over Christmas. He has had the book since he was little and, as with all Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler children’s books, it has been a massive hit and one of his most read bedtime stories. In fact, just before half term, Luke’s school held a day where children could dress up as their favourite villain from a book, and sure enough, my boy raced into school dressed as the naughty highway beast himself....

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What to do if your child gets seriously injured and it wasn’t their fault

As parents, we all know that our children can be a bit…accident prone. I mean, my son is sometimes very clumsy and acts a teeny bit like a giant bull in a china shop. During holidays and weekends, taking our kids to the park or out on adventures is part of life. We expect the inevitable: falls, collisions, bumps, bruises and scrapes. We can comfort our children, give those grazed knees a magic kiss and then suddenly, everything is better again. But what happens when they’re not actually in our care? If we’re not the people responsible for keeping...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant isn’t the easiest job in the world. Everything is a bit sore or swollen, you feel sick and nauseous, you’re permanently knackered and you’re lugging around a heavy little human with you everywhere you go. It also means you don’t get to enjoy some of the luxuries you may have enjoyed before. Things like a luxury spa day seem less exciting when you can’t have the full range of treatments. You can’t reach for that bottle of wine at the end of a hard day. You can’t even eat some good old fashioned gooey cheese (yep, that...

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Baby Number 2: Surviving Life With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

For most couples who have been trying a while for a baby, the news of a successful pregnancy is absolutely thrilling. Mikey and I were no different. When I found out I was pregnant, we were both over the moon and filled with excitement. This will be Mikey’s first child, so every little thing is brand new and exciting for him. For me…I knew that, all excitement aside, I was about to enter a period of my life I’d gone through before. And I wasn’t looking forward to it. You see, when I was pregnant with Luke, I suffered...

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