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Days Out: The Look Out Discovery Centre, Bracknell

It’s not very often that all three of us get to spend time together as a family. Luke’s either at his dad’s or Mikey is at work. It makes having family days out quite tricky. Luckily for us, bank holidays exist! Thanks to the long weekend at the beginning of the Easter holidays, we were able to plan something fun to do with Luke. Originally, we were going to take a trip to the beach and visit Portsmouth – a favourite spot for us, however, the weather was awful so we decided to do something a little closer to...

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If I Could Go Back In Time And Revisit My Prom…

The summer school term has officially started, which means that it’s nearly time for prom! The school prom is the social event of the year – heck, it’s the social even of the entire secondary school experience. For Year 11 students (and Year 13 too!), the school prom is a big deal. After sitting through a stressful summer of exams in stuffy classrooms, the prom also offers a pretty great motivation incentive to get through these last few tough months of school. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up in something extra special and feel a million dollars for...

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Food: Choc Chic Blissful Blends Turmeric and Ginger

In preparation for Easter, I’m trying to find products that will satisfy my sweet tooth without pumping my body full of rubbish. Choc Chic produce great chocolately treats, without any actual chocolate being involved. That means that their entire range is free from diary, sugar, and gluten and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. I know what some people may be thinking, because I have been there myself. Surely, if there’s ‘nothing in it’, it can’t taste that great. On it’s own, I must admit that the Blissful Blends Turmeric and Ginger powder (£4.99) certainly tastes very bitter and...

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Pregnancy: Baby Number 2 – Gender Reveal

When I last updated you all on Baby Number 2‘s progress, we were just about to reveal the gender to our friends and family! Luke was very excited to find out if he was having a baby brother or a baby sister. He had everything possible crossed for a girl! We decided to have a mini party for our family in our home, so no matter what the results were, Luke would have people are to either cheer him up or celebrate with him. We, somewhat foolishly, decided to reveal the gender to our nearest and dearest via a...

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Book Review: James and the Birthday Balloon

James and the Birthday Balloon, written by Nicola J. Rowley, is a colourful children’s book aimed at children between the ages of 3 – 7. Lots of people worry about having to go to hospital, but this is an especially big worry during childhood. Just the other day Luke had a big accident at home and hit his head and his face – I mentioned that we might have to visit the hospital, which sent him into a fit of worry and anxiety. So, it’s a great idea to introduce the idea of hospital visits at an early change...

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