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Fussy Eating Reward Picnic With Appy Drinks Co

Before the summer holidays, we were really starting to get Luke’s fussy eating down and he was doing amazingly well at dinner time and trying new foods. For some reason, during the summer holidays, this all went completely down hill. We had tantrums galore, a very hungry child and an extremely emotional and frustrated mummy. After a few weeks of constant dread and anxiety around dinner time, it was time to do something about it and create some positive connotations with food time again. The Dinner Chart I’ve written about the struggles I’ve faced with Luke’s fussy eating a...

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Days Out: A Day Out With Thomas On The Watercress Line

Luke hit the motherload in terms of exciting treats recently when we took him along to see Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends on the Day Out With Thomas event on the Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line. Like every child, Luke has been obsessed with Thomas since he was a toddler. It’s not often you get the opportunity to see your favourite characters in real life, let alone ride on and interact with them. As an adult, it’s also not often that you see fully working steam trains whizzing about! So come Sunday morning, the whole family...

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How To Make Sure You Can Pay An Unexpected Bill

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Not all of them are nice, especially those involving money. Consider the unexpected bill – not the worst financial burden, but definitely one that can cripple you if you can’t afford to pay it off. It could be anything, from benefit overpayments, utilities or unexpected veterinary bills. I’ve had my fair share of bills like this and debts to pay off. To this day I’m still paying off debts that one of my ex’s left me with and it makes me realise that I wish I’d looked into my finances a lot sooner...

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Going Blackberry Picking And Making Apple and Blackberry Crumble

One of the best summer holiday activities for families has to be blackberry picking! Not only do you get to go on an adventure and burn off some energy, you also get free food! What’s not to love? This time of year is amazing if you’re trying to reduce the money spent on your food shop. We went blackberry picking a few weeks ago, at the very start of the summer holidays. The berries weren’t as ripe as they are now, which only made our adventure more fun as we had to search further afield to find enough berries...

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Top Tips On Caring For Coloured Hair

I have been colouring my hair with home dye kits since I was a teenager, and recently, I have also started bleaching my hair from home as well. This means that I have been using hair dye for about 11 years and bleach for about 2 years. All that wear and tear sure takes it’s toll on my hair and, as a result, I’ve had to really put some time into learning how to care for coloured hair. I have dyed my hair almost every colour under the sun, but these days I stick to red, pink and sometimes...

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