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Book Review: Insurgent – Veronica Roth

I wrote a really brief review for Good Reads this morning, but here is my slightly more detailed and constructive review. If you are looking at the Divergent series to fill a hole in your soul after The Hunger Games, then STOP RIGHT THERE! People who read this book expecting it to be the alternative to The Hunger Games are just being silly and expecting something that can never be done. The Divergent series is a different story in it’s own right, you should keep that in mind while reading it; you may find you enjoy it more! THG...

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Pipe Cleaner Crowns!

This is literally the best thing I have ever made for Luke, it took less than a minute and Luke wore it all day long (besides his nap). Honestly, you don’t need to be told how to make this. Mine was really simple but you can add beads and heart shapes and glitter and allllll sorts. But this certainly did it for Luke. And I have to say, he looked preeeeetttyyy damn adorable with his crown eating his dinner watching Robin Hood. Crowns aren’t just for girls, you know. I could never limit the toys Luke plays with by...

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Pancake Day!

Happy (belated) Pancake day everyone! There’s no better way to celebrate today than having pancakes for breakfast. Am I right? Yeah, I thought so! So make your day amazing with 100g of plain flour, a pinch of salt, 2 eggs and 300ml of milk together in a big bowl. Luke helped with the whole thing, even the egg cracking. (It’s a good idea to put a plate under a bowl when letting LO’s crack the eggs, that way any spillages can be scooped back up)....

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Salt Dough Valentine’s Gift

For Valentine’s day, I wanted to do something a little different with my Lukeosaurus. As well as the usual heart shaped baked goods, I wanted something a little bit special – something that would last! I came up with this idea of making a salt dough family! It was really easy and fun to make, Luke is 17 months old at the moment and his favourite part of the process was the painting! Before this Valentines day craft, I had never used or experimented with Salt Dough before. I suppose I probably worried about having the oven on for...

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Top 4 Pom Pom Activities For Fine Motor Skills

Hello! This week I have been focusing Luke’s activities upon improving his fine motor skills – connecting the tiny movements in the wrists, hands and fingers (and feet and toes) with the eyes and improving coordination. Ultimately these skills go hand in hand with handwriting, scissor movements, buttoning up/unbottoning clothes etc etc. Searching the internet brings up tonnes of activities to try – I am often lurking around various blogs/vlogs, twitter accounts, instagrams and pinterests to find activities suitable for Luke’s abilities. These are our top 4 favourite DIY pom pom related fine motor skills play activities. Pom poms...

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