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Mini Shopping Spree

Today is an exciting day for me. I finally got around to ordering a new charging unit for my Canon camera; this means you can start expecting to see some semi decent pictures in the near future, rather than Android photos. Not that there’s anything wrong with Andriod cameras, just I am a lot more confident with an actual camera and everything is just that little bit easier. I’m also really excited because I used to love photography and I actually managed to take some lovely shots in my youth – i.e. pre baby. So yes, I am very...

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Toddler In The Kitchen: Apple and Cinnamon Cake

I love baking with Luke. I really want him to feel confident and at home when it comes to cooking. It’s one of those life skills that many boys these days just don’t have any more and I really would like Luke to be self sufficient when he’s older. He’ has improved vastly over the last couple of weeks and is far better at mixing and egg breaking. I encourage him to participate in the kitchen wherever is possible and today we thought we’d share one of our recipes with you.   Luke and I made this really delicious...

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Instagram Jealousy

Disclaimer: this post is meant in a light hearted manner and I do not mean to offend or insult anyone!! I love having a good time and blogging about beautiful family days out as much as the next muma. But, I find myself asking: am I the only mummy blogger who doesn’t have amazing things planned out for their little ones every single day? I am a stalker. It’s true. I would say that I was ashamed, but honestly, i’m not. The problem with being a stalker though, is you realise that the “exciting” things you have planned out for...

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My Worst Mummy Nightmare!

So they might not be the worst things in the world, but there are a few sticky situations in mum life where just the mere thought of something can cause me to have a mild breakdown. The not-so-tragic but pretty damn stressful parts of life where you feel a little lost and a little silly at the same time. My worst mummy nightmare has to be: When both Luke and I are really ill at the same time. I just…cannot. I know it’s stupid really, it’s tiny, it’s insignificant and it’s something thing that every mother goes through. But it just breaks me down so quickly. When I’m ill, I get really ill. There’s a joke with basically everyone and anyone who knows me that if there is a cold or a bug going round, I will catch it, I will then mutate it into something a million times worse and then take twice as long to get over it. It all makes for a pretty unpleasant situation, baby or no baby. When Luke is ill, he’s pretty much the same as me – must have inherited my rubbish immune system as well as having the hard luck of being 18 months old and of the age of permanently being poorly. When he is really poorly, he wants cuddles and nothing else. He wants me to lay on my...

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Sensory Play: Ain’t No Party Like A Toddler Foam Party

Hello my loves! I don’t know what this stuff is actually called, but we always call it ‘having a foam party’, which often leads me to start singing modified versions of S Club 7 – although “foam party” does also lead one to think of Fresher’s week and girls ‘holidays’ in Ibiza. Awks.  Luke loves foam sensory play and it’s pretty much a guaranteed half an hour of occupied toddler time, allowing me to have a cup of tea or hang the washing up. Add a few plastic toys to the mix and everything is ten million times better....

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