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  It’s that time again, time for another monthly favourites. I absolutely love doing this style of post, although I am a bit unorganised and tend to skip a few months in between! I am going to sort of mix it all together, rather than doing mine and then Luke’s. Also, they’re in no particular order – just things that we have been absolutely loving this past month. Luke: Reward Stickers  Oh my gosh, Luke has really got to the age where stickers are amazing. So, although we have that huge pack of 700 Frozen stickers you may have...

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Wicked Wednesdays!

He is a picture of my son, covered in yoghurt that we’re “cooking” with this afternoon. He would only eat the green. Not the blue. They are exactly the same. It was everywhere! And yes, those are PJs and yes, that is a Christmas...

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Fight Against The Fuss!

Hello, lovelies! If you’re a regular reader of our blog, or the “Toddler In The Kitchen” series, you’ll know that I love having Luke in the kitchen with me. He is a confident little boy and at 19 months, he finds it a really exciting and fun experience. However, we mainly do bakes – which of course, at the end of it all, he devours. You’ll also know if you have read our blog before, Luke is an awfully fussy eater, like many toddlers. I’m not really sure why, but I believe there are several factors that contributed to...

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Books About Colour!

Hello! As part of my effort to try and teach Luke a bit more about colour, I have been reading a few books to him and pointing out various things on each page to try and help him (Peppa’s dress is red, she’s wearing a red dress.) He seems to really enjoy this and has been taking the time to study each page. Here I have reviewed three great books for designed for helping and teaching your toddlers to learn about colour. The first book we have been reading (a lot!) is the Peppa Pig Colours [Neville Astley & Mark...

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In A Faff Over Colours!

I did a very typical ‘mother’ thing this week: I saw a blog post about someone’s daughter who was two months younger than Luke, but knew her colours and shapes and, well everything, a lot better than Luke. So I obviously set out to change that with the feeling of motherhood failure looming over me. I really felt useless after reading that blog post. I mean, it wasn’t written in a showy offy kind of way, but somehow I felt like I had really failed at teaching my son the basics in life. How could this kid, two months...

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My name is Rachael (Ray), I’m 25 and I live on the Surrey/Hampshire border. I live with my son, Luke who is 4. Join me on my journey through life as I tackle everything from personal finances, days out and crafts, to vegetarian recipes, fashion and house bunnies!


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