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Salt Dough Valentine’s Gift

For Valentine’s day, I wanted to do something a little different with my Lukeosaurus. As well as the usual heart shaped baked goods, I wanted something a little bit special – something that would last! I came up with this idea of making a salt dough family! It was really easy and fun to make, Luke is 17 months old at the moment and his favourite part of the process was the painting! Before this Valentines day craft, I had never used or experimented with Salt Dough before. I suppose I probably worried about having the oven on for...

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Top 4 Pom Pom Activities For Fine Motor Skills

Hello! This week I have been focusing Luke’s activities upon improving his fine motor skills – connecting the tiny movements in the wrists, hands and fingers (and feet and toes) with the eyes and improving coordination. Ultimately these skills go hand in hand with handwriting, scissor movements, buttoning up/unbottoning clothes etc etc. Searching the internet brings up tonnes of activities to try – I am often lurking around various blogs/vlogs, twitter accounts, instagrams and pinterests to find activities suitable for Luke’s abilities. These are our top 4 favourite DIY pom pom related fine motor skills play activities. Pom poms...

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Play Dough: How To Make Home Made Play Dough

Play dough is, hands down, the best home made “toy” for children of any age. Babies will find the texture to be a sensory wonder, toddlers love it and bigger kids enjoy it too. Play dough is associated with tonnes of developmental benefits. Home Made Play Dough Recipe: To make a basic batch of play dough, combine the following: 2 Cups Plain, All Purpose Flour 1 Cup Of Salt 2 Tablespoons of Cream of Tartar 2 Tablespoons Oil 1 1/2 Cups (up to) of boiling water   Not only is play dough relatively quick to make and not to...

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Pointless Post – books and baby bits.

Hello! Just a quick, chatty, rather poontless post today. In honour of my New Years Resolution, not only did I join the Good Reads 2015 book challenge today, I also bought four new books to get started on after I finish ‘Girl Online’. I’m really excited to read them because I haven’t actually seen the film adaption of Divergent, or whatever it’s called . After reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I’ve rekindled my love of the dystopia genre and I can’t wait to get lost in another book set. While out and about, we also picked up Luke a...

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Looking forward into 2015, not back on 2014.

Hello! It appears to be the last day of December, as well as the last day of the year! I suppose it’s tradition to jabber on about the highs and lows of the year – discuss what you’ve achieved, regrets, lessons learnt etc – but I’m not going to do that. And Luke can’t do that, although he has achieved an awful lot and I’m incredibly proud of him. I am also proud of myself, but more for surviving than achieving anything of significance. I shall be seeing in the new year with Netflix. Maybe some films, but more likely I’ll be watching Merlin (because its on Netflix, how exciting is that?!) Maybe a cup of tea, too…how crazy and wild of me? I may not intend to talk about the past year, but I do have a few goals and life changes I’d like to start in 2015. Nothing major, not the whole ‘lose weight, go to gym, eat healthy all the time’, but a small list of select things that will enhance both my life and Luke’s. So firstly – my main goal is to read more. As some of you might know, I decided to put this into practice early December and it started with the Hunger Games trilogy. I finished Mockingjay last night and I’m currently suffering a bit of a book hangover. Actually, if...

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