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Triple Chocolate Cookie-Brownies?

It’s Easter Sunday and that means chocolate! Well, actually it means a lot more than that, but this post just so happens to be about scrummy chocolate goodness. If you have never heard of Tanya Burr, she is a British YouTuber and you have most likely been living under a rock. She’s engaged to Jim Chapman, who pretty recently won some swanky award for dressing beautifully and friends with other British YouTuber’s like Zoella, Pointless Blog and Thatcher Joe. Still don’t know who I am talking about?  That’s okay, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that she...

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The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review

Hello! The Great Easter Egg Scramble is a charming book to look at and any mother (or child) could see why we picked it up in the shop. The Great Easter Egg Scramble is about the Easter Bunny, who is rushing to deliver all the eggs in his basket before his party starts. The eggs contain baby animals and the bunny is meant to deliver the baby animal’s eggs to their parents. In haste, the Easter Bunny muddle all the eggs up and his deliveries all go drastically wrong – all the animals end up with the wrong baby animals. Eventually all is put right and then Easter bunny has his party.  Luke is 19 months old and loves this book. We have been reading it both at nap times and bed times for the past week. The front cover is glittery and bright – very appealing to little minds and the illustrations are charming. The pictures are colourful and engaging, which is kind of essential for toddlers. Luke loves flicking through the pages and we name all the animals and make the appropriate sounds. The book is easy to follow with some lovely rhymes. For a 19 month old toddler, it’s great. However, I am in two minds about how this book would go down with older children. I have heard that parents have voiced their concerns over the...

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Indoor Easter Activities For Toddlers

  As you may be aware, Luke spends weekends with his dad, so I don’t really see him from Friday night, until Sunday night. That means that I will miss out on the Easter weekend with him. We decided to have a very Easter themed week instead , just to make up for it (any excuse though, right?) Here’s what we got up to! I decided to compile a list of indoor Easter activities for toddlers that are really easy to do with your little ones over the Easter weekend, should you wish to! Enjoy! Mess Free Easter Egg Cards I...

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Frozen Easter Yoghurt Drops Recipe

We are still on our mission to try and get Luke out of his fussy eating habits and onto healthier foods. I know it’s Easter and I know I am probably being a complete kill joy, but I don’t want him filling up on chocolate and being a hyper, stroppy mess and then refusing to eat his dinner because he scoffed down all that choccy… So, in an effort to combat this, we made Frozen Easter Yoghurt Drops! Hurah! How wonderful do these look?  Frozen Easter Yoghurt Drops are dead simple to make, they taste wonderful and they look...

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  It’s that time again, time for another monthly favourites. I absolutely love doing this style of post, although I am a bit unorganised and tend to skip a few months in between! I am going to sort of mix it all together, rather than doing mine and then Luke’s. Also, they’re in no particular order – just things that we have been absolutely loving this past month. Luke: Reward Stickers  Oh my gosh, Luke has really got to the age where stickers are amazing. So, although we have that huge pack of 700 Frozen stickers you may have...

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