Today, in an effort to try and get my apparently new found fussy eater and sleep regression monster to eat something, we made delicious banana muffins using this recipe from From Mummy To Mum.

I think they turned out perfectly. The really do taste heavenly and I may have had one or two for myself.

Kids banana muffins
I could have left them in a second or two longer for a more impressive ‘golden brown’, but Luke was impatient. They were cooked and that’s all that matters! 🙂

Unless I am blind, Helen didn’t mention an oven temp, so I whacked mine on at 180.C. Also I used 2 bananas but simply because I have ‘fun sized’ bananas – two of them together make for the same amount of fruity goodness as you’d get from one.

Simply a post to say well done, Helen! And thank you for providing us with such a quick and easy recipe that produces heavenly results. If you haven’t tried these, I urge all mothers to grab the nearest toddler (preferably your own) and start cooking together! It’s so much fun and so good for your little ones, they’re way more likely to eat what they’ve had power and control in making, and just…who doesn’t love muffins?