Today is an exciting day for me. I finally got around to ordering a new charging unit for my Canon camera; this means you can start expecting to see some semi decent pictures in the near future, rather than Android photos. Not that there’s anything wrong with Andriod cameras, just I am a lot more confident with an actual camera and everything is just that little bit easier. I’m also really excited because I used to love photography and I actually managed to take some lovely shots in my youth – i.e. pre baby. So yes, I am very excited about that! Moving on…

Mothercare and Wilko Haul.

As well as surfing through the interwebs today and buying things from Amazon, I also took a wee trip into town and bought a few little tops for Luke. They mark the start of his “next size up” collection of clothing, which excites me beccause I love any excuse to buy new clothes for my mini me. So James and I set off for a “little look” in Mothercare. I’m quite proud of myself for not going mad in there – if I didn’t have a budget, I would have been in my element.

Ahoy Mothercare Top.
Ahoy Mothercare Top.
The first of the two t shirts I bought is this gorgeous nautical themed top. If you know me, I love anything to do with the ocean/fish/nautical themed and James and I both pointed this out to one another at the same time. There was no discussion over the purchase of this little number. As you can see from the sticker, it’s from Mothercare’s Essential Value range and cost us a whole £3. Bargain! This top is short sleeved and in size 2 -3 years.

Cool Moves Mothercare Top.

Cool Moves Mothercare Top.
This second t shirt is also from Mothercare’s Essential Value range and cost £3. The top photo better captures it’s true colour as the lighting in my kitchen was really yellow and fake. I should have snapped the photos before the sun went down, but post shopping means the weekend cleaning session. This top is long sleeved and I just think it’s super cute. For £3, you can’t really complain, can you? Bought in size 2 – 3 years. 
Spiderman Mothercare Toddlers Dressing gown.
Photo from Mothercare’s Website

Spidey! Oh yes, James saw this one and made a beeline for it. Nothing beats a bit of Spiderman, right? This dressing gown is so soft I kind of wish that Mothercare sold it in my size. Can I just draw everyone’s attention to the hood? It has Spiderman’s eyes on it! How freaking cool? I live in a Marvel mad household, we’re all massive fans, including Luke. I think this was a pretty practical purchase as well as, when we have PJ days or days indoors, Luke loves to run around in nothing but his nappy. I think a little modesty wouldn’t go a miss, hey? Also, he loves hoods. And this will most likely end up being worn as a cape. Boys, eh? The dressing gown’s RRP is £14 I think, but we bought it for £8 in size 2 – 3 years.

Eventually James managed to drag me out of Mothercare, after I had finished playing with the dumping trucks in the ELC section. I’m an adult, honest. So we went to pretty much my favourite shop in the whole world – Wilkos! Is that odd? I think it’s probably odd and not very sophisticated, but honestly, it’s amazing. Firstly, we pick up all our kitchen stuff here, especially the food colourings for things like play dough and dying rice etc, but secondly, they have a huge home section. Recently I bought a beautiful new bedding set from Wilkos, that my Instagram followers are probably sick of seeing, and our home is decked out with all sorts from there, from nick nacks to photo frames. 
Today I nearly bought new bedding, a new sign saying “REMEMBER: As Far As Anyone Knows, We’re A Perfectly Normal Family” and several cushions. Instead, my bank balance got away with two pillar candles. 
Wilko Scented Pillar Candles.

Again, if you know me or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I am candle obsessed. Especially if they smell nice. I don’t really like sweet smelling candles, so I always go for the more zesty and fresh scented ones. Normally, I am a Yankee Candle kinda lady, but these are a billion times cheaper and they actually smell so good. The “cotton fresh” one smells really nice, whereas many cotton/fresh laundry candles smell quite grim in my opinion. I have bought candles from Wilko’s before and, although they don’t last for as long as Yankee candles, they do have a 58 hour burn time and they smell wonderful. I can’t wait to light these tonight and snuggle up with my man and watch The Notebook (yes friends, I’m forcing him to watch it!)

On the same sort of line as the scented candles, we also popped into one of our local independent shops and bought some scented oils for our oil burner. James chose mulled wine scented (it’s nice but sooo sweet) and I bought grapefruit. We’re yet to try out the grapefruit, but it smells really fresh so I am rather excited.

Our shopping spree was finished off with an Iced Caramel Latte from Costa and a panini. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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