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As part of my effort to try and teach Luke a bit more about colour, I have been reading a few books to him and pointing out various things on each page to try and help him (Peppa’s dress is red, she’s wearing a red dress.) He seems to really enjoy this and has been taking the time to study each page. Here I have reviewed three great books for designed for helping and teaching your toddlers to learn about colour.
The first book we have been reading (a lot!) is the Peppa Pig Colours [Neville Astley & Mark Baker] board book. You probably will have seen this if you follow me on Instagram and it’s perfect for toddlers of Luke’s age. Luke is blooming loving this book.
Each page has a different colour and goes through familiar characters.For instance: Rebecca Rabbit’s carrot costume is orange/Peppa Pig’s balloon is blue/Peppa Pig is wearing a red dress and red shoes.
On the last page, there’s a double spread of paint splodges and it asks what your favourite colour is. This page is really useful to go over all the colours again once you’ve read through the book. Luke has read this dozens of times every day. I think it’s his favourite.
 Peppa Pig Colour Book, 3 Top Books We Have Been Using To Learn About Colour from
Our very battered copy!
Secondly, another board book, but this time it’s Spot Looks At Colours [Eric Hill]. How can anyone, adult or toddler, not love Spot The Dog? Eric Hill has written a whole host of books aimed at toddlers and older children, but in my eyes, I will always think of Spot straight away.
We bought this early on in the week once we saw how much Luke was enjoying the Peppa Pig board book – we actually bought it from the 99p shop! (Although I think it’s only meant to be sold as part of a set – naughty pound shop!)
You can’t really go wrong with Eric Hill and the illustrations are as charming as ever. I love this book, it’s my favourite of the bunch (biased, or what?) Luke really likes it to, it seems like a great book for teaching toddlers about colour and it is very similar to Peppa Pig’s colour book. The only difference is there’s no double page spread at the end.


Spot Looks At Colours by Eric Hill - 3 Top Books We Have Been Using To Learn About Colour from
Lastly, this is a book I have been reading to Luke at nap times and bed times.
For some reason when it comes to books, he’s really boisterous at the moment and wants to rip up pages and just generally be a right pain in the bum. That’s why this book is being read at calmer times of the day!
Colour Me Happy [Shen Roddie and Ben Cort] is an enchanting paper back story that follows an adorable little kitten on a journey where every page brings a colourful and vibrant adventure. When I am sunny, colour me yellow/When I am funny, colour me pink.There’s also a really sparkly rainbow at the end! The illustrations are quite charming and funny and convey a range of emotions that Luke laughs at and older children will be able to understand.
This is a great read for the slightly older toddler or, as we have shown, a lovely wind down book that has been great for adding a little education at bed time.
Colour Me Happy // 3 Top Books We Have Been Using To Learn About Colour from
Colour Me Happy, Shen Roddie and Ben Cort - 3 Top Books We Have Been Using To Learn About Colour from
So there you go, three wonderful books about teaching toddler’s colour that we have been thoroughly enjoying.
If you want to read more about our adventure into learning about colours, you can read about how I got In A Faff Over Colours.
We’re focusing a lot on colour at the moment, so do check back if you’re interested in activities and games designed to aid learning.
What methods do you use to teach your little ones about the world? Are you a tot-schooler, or a casual day-to-day go with flow learner? What are your experiences with age appropriate learning? Let me know in the comments! 

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    • Oh my gosh, looking at books when I was pregnant was probably my favourite thing to do. After a while I got fed up of clothes, and all the female relatives/friends wanting to go clothes shopping. I used to spend ages in supermarkets reading books for Luke and I bought loads for him before I even knew if he was a boy or a girl. So I am totally with you on that one. Thank you so much for reading. xx

  • They look like very good books. M is fab at her colours, I am constantly asking her what everything is and she knows them all! These books look really good though for teaching 🙂 #mummymonday

    • Bless her, that’s really good! Luke is constantly counting things…but really he only knows two and three, but everything is mainly two. Hehehe. I think he is starting to get the hang of the colours now though, these books are great. 🙂 Thanks for reading. xx

  • Great review, the Peppa one sounds the best! My boy strangely enough started naming colours when we bought him Playdoh when he was 18 months. He only named orange and blue first, and then gradually learnt the other colours, without us prompting him. Who knew Playdoh could be educational! #mummymonday Sabrina x

    • The Peppa one is pretty awesome, just having that last page with all the colours on really makes the difference, I think. 🙂 Haha, wow that’s great. Maybe I should go and buy him some new Playdoh 😉 Thank you for reading! xx

  • We are always working on learning colours with Daughter. I think she almost has most of them done but there is always her little brother to teach. Definitely need to visit your blog more often. Lots of good posts.

  • I’m not sure what I did for Daniel to learn colours, but he did. I don’t really recall teaching him too much, other than just pointing colours out in books and in daily life eg that flower is yellow, grandmas car is white etc. Good luck though and thanks for linking to #weekendbookclub x

    • I’m not really trying to structure his learning strictly, just having a few aids on hand is fun. Besides, a book is a book and if there’s a little extra something in there, it can’t be too bad! 😀 I know he’ll get there, I just like to get a few educational things going here and there. Thanks for hosting, love. xx

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