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Cannabis Glass Pipe in Mind- Know the Basics with an Ultimate Guide

New to cannabis smoking? Do you want to buy your first bong? Well, everyone understands your tiff and how daunting can the bong choosing process get. You might feel the dark clouds and overwhelming situations take over you. You visit a bong store, and you see a gazillion options for bong sizes and bong accessories. You scratch your head, wondering whether you should get a 10 mm glass pipe or a 14 mm pipe. Well, you aren’t the only one, and all the newbies have gone through this process. 

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All the pro-cannabis smokers know the vitalness of choosing the right pipe while smoking cannabis. They turn a keen eye to different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials and ensure that these work well in suiting their specific lifestyle preferences. For beginners, it becomes vital to clinch an expert’s hand or read on the ultimate guide to make a trusted decision. Let’s get started:

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

Size holds paramount importance in the world of bongs. You can choose from a one-hitter that you can stash in your pocket right away or a gong-sized pipe- there is a pipe for every lifestyle. Thus, before paving a path to a pipe-buying journey – ask yourself if you’re an on-the-go kind of person or a stay-at-home person. 

A small glass pipe will suffice your smoking needs if traveling is on your mind. On the other hand, the larger pieces are more appropriate if you’re the one who likes to enjoy a quiet and intimate smoke. While selecting a glass pipe, know that the size doesn’t determine the portability always- the strength of the hit does. Smaller pipes are just perfect for beginners as they allow better dosing of the impact while enabling you to take a quantity you can handle. Never hesitate to buy a tabletop pipe if you’re an experienced smoker.

  • Durability:

You’re aware that good things are expensive, but never conflate price with quality. Many pointers indicate the quality of bongs, and one of the most significant indicators is the thickness of the water pipe’s glass. You can consider a nucleus glass as it has established a standard in the smoking industry by proving itself as the provider of bubblers, pipes and glass bongs, and other smoking accessories at great prices. You can also find bongs made up of borosilicate glass, which is considered the best for smoking. It is high-in-quality, is durable, and non-toxic. 

  • Cleaning Method:

Always go in for a glass pipe that’s easy to clean. The pipes accumulate resin, which affects the aroma, purity, and flavor of the cannabis and the air-flow. The equipment with materials like plastic or wood has complex materials and is difficult to clean because they have small holes and complicated shapes. Opt for a glass pipe that you can regularly clean and maintain as it will enable your line to function optimally. Clean the glass pipes by regularly rinsing them with acetone. 

Final Words

Does it all make sense to you? It surely does now. 

Don’t worry about getting it all right the very first time. Part of the fun rests with choosing the best-fit pipe rests with the product testing; you earn along the way. Hopefully, this guide was able to enlighten you about the basics of one-hitters. 

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