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    The Benefits of Nursery

    June 25, 2019

    AD/Collaborative Post. Deciding whether or not to send your child to nursery is a big decision for many parents. For others, it’s not so much a choice as an obligation influenced by financial pressures or a demanding career. A private nursery school in Hertfordshire explore the positive benefits of day nurseries below to help put…

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  • 3 Ways You Can Help An Overwhelmed Mum

    June 24, 2019

    It’s so easy for a mum to become overwhelmed that it often happens before we even realised that it has. Being a mum is amazing and watching your little humans learn new things, discover and experience life is beautiful. Sometimes, however, it can all just get a little bit too much. With all the good…

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  • How can you work from home as a new or expectant mother? Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

    How can you work from home as a new or expectant mother?

    March 14, 2019

    [AD/sponsored post.] Having a baby is said to be the most exciting time of your life. It’s a dream scenario for many women – have a baby so that your family is complete. However, how does it affect your working life? Regulations including the Maternity and Parental Leave Regulation of 1999 are in place to…

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  • Why is it so hard to make mum friends? https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

    Why is it so hard to make mum friends?

    March 4, 2019

    Making mum friends is clearly something I struggle with. I have terrible social anxiety, so something as simple as just making friends with someone isn’t as easy for me as it may be for other people. I am not naturally an extrovert – I like to keep myself to myself. I don’t want to butt…

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  • Surviving Mother’s Day With An Absent Mum

    March 14, 2015

    Hello lovelies, this is a really spontaneous and impromptu post, but I really wanted to write something, whether it gets read or not. πŸ™‚ Today I want to talk about my personal experiences with Mother’s Day. I suppose the title of this post is rather ominous and it’s worth mentioning that my mother is still…

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