sunflower during sunset

Chase the New Flavor this Summer with DIY Cannabis-Infused Recipes

Smoking cannabis is not the only way to experience Rocky Mountain High. There are diverse ways of indulging in cannabis that doesn’t always involve a joint, bong, or pipe necessarily. If you’re a cannabis newbie and don’t know any other mode besides smoking to chill out in this scorching summer heat, let’s tell you that edibles have grown in popularity over the years. 

sunflower during sunset
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Yes, eating cannabis can be a great way to provide the body with waves of relaxation- the one that is coughing a pipe or some other marijuana accessories can’t achieve. The self-pampering sessions don’t just end at the edibles high. There’s so much more to them. Dried papaya and kiwi cannabis-infused slices, caramel corn bars, dragon fruit cannabis seltzers- all are just too delicious. 

Can’t bear the most-heated summers? Pro cannabis users consider these edibles as their most favorite. Find, explore and taste, reading below:


CannaPunch isn’t as much edible as it is drinkable. If you’re looking out to experience a drink for getting high, trying a glass full of non-carbonate CannaPunch should be on your list to escape the fiery summer heat. Many health travelers wish to experience a refreshing drink instead of a dessert or a snack. 

The best thing about them is that they are vegan and completely organic. You can prepare CannaPunch in refreshing flavors like watermelon, apple, kiwi, and add aloe vera for an extra punch of health. The best drink would be the one that’s natural, soy-free, gluten-free, and corn-syrup-free. 

Cannabis Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most favorite cannabis edibles. Life always becomes better when you have cookies in hand. Thus, the classic cookie flavor is something you can’t ignore. 

The soft cookies contain a lot of miniature chocolate chips in addition to a whole lot of love when you make and serve these. Prepare the cookies with sativa cannabis to satisfy your cravings while helping you lift yourself to cloud nine. Consider adding a pinch of thin-chocolate to keep your blood cold during the summer season and your palate satisfied, especially during those warm nights when your house won’t cool down at all. 

Cannabis Popsicles

Can you name out anything much more refreshing than a dose of a marijuana-infused popsicle? If not, then it’s the perfect time to bust out those popsicle trays that are finding themselves locked in your storeroom. 

Add three tablespoons of THC oil and two cups of your favorite juice. You can also get a little creative by tossing in some diced fruits like blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, and watermelon. Let the fantastic popsicle settle in until it’s solid, and enjoy the mouth-watering DIY ice-cream. 

Savor the Great Taste and Kickstart your Weed Journey through Edibles

People claim that weed tends to make everything so much better- music, extracurricular activities, and even food. Let your taste buds feel good with weed edibles to enjoy summers day in and day out. There are some more options like cannabutter, weed milk, canna oil, which can help you prepare weed-infused meals.  

If you’re interested in edibles and aren’t keen on cooking, then you can shop for the best edibles online. And, not to forget- share your good food love today!

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