Today was a fairly quiet day in our household. I had some stuff to sort out regarding friends and horrible grown up stuff and Luke was off to his dads for the weekend, so there was limited time for messy fun.

With that in mind, we stuck some awesome tunes on the telly and got the crayons out! Luke still isn’t too great with the concept of colouring/drawing, so crayons can sometimes be hard work, especially if you’re after any form of ‘art’. He thoroughly enjoys taking all the crayons out of the tuper ware box they live in, then placing them back in it, one by one. It’s cute and keeps him very happy for a good twenty to thirty minutes. 
Still, eventually after some time sitting on the paper, trying to eat the crayons and having a few grown up visitations, some form of drawing was produced (with some encouragement). 
Turn the card over, grab two circular things to draw around – I ended up using a gravy tub for the body and vaseline lip balm for the head – draw round and cut out. Then add whatever snowman accessories you like! We went for a simple orange pom pom nose and some black biro eyes, mouth and buttons, but you could add a hat, a felt scarf, glittery bottons, twiggy arms – the possibilities are endless!
These are so cute and would make great presents for aunt/uncles or grandparents. You could string them up like we did, or you could make a loop on the back and hang them from the Christmas tree. 
Simple to make, great for all ages, cute and very festive!