As I mentioned in my last post, our weekend was crazy busy, what with rearranging all the furniture and generally decluttering our teeny tiny flat. All of this work didn’t leave much time for anything fun – but I did get to try my hand at creating my own DIY Photo Wall inspired by the wonderful and magical The Hazel Hayes {Chewing Sand on YouTube}. I have had so many compliments on this and I really love it so , so much.

Do It Yourself - Photowall

DIY photo wall

Hazel gives a wonderful quick YouTube tutorial on how to create your own DIY photo wall – which, if I am honest, I only half watched. I watched enough to see what it looked like, but not really the part on how to do it; so perhaps hers is a little tidier than mine, i’m not sure, but I do know that Hazel went for the whole ‘rustic’ look using string and plain pegs – just like I have.

I love this little part of my living room so much. Originally, the fish tank was on the opposite wall, but after rearranging and deciding that this is pretty much the only place I wanted my photo wall, we moved the tank over (which was such a mission, as any fish keeper will tell you!) and now we have a lovely new focal point. In the top picture you can see there’s another picture resting behind the top row of photos, that’s because I wasn’t tall enough to move it higher! I had to wait for James to stop doing what he was up to before I could move it. So in the second picture, the photo’s moved up a bit and sits nicely between the clock and the top row of photos.

I haven’t got a theme, other than people I love and funny memories. Mainly the pictures are family – my dad, my sisters, Luke and myself and James. But there are a few friends and randoms in there too (including a picture of my pet rat, Rum, who sadly died last year). Also, my super amazing favourite fan girly photo of the Eiffel Tower.

Just because I didn’t use a theme, doesn’t mean you can’t. I got my photos printed at my local Boots store where you can just plug your phone into the machine using the cable provided and it just prints them out straight from your phones storage. You can also log into Facebook and print from your albums. There are loads of websites where you can send of your Instagram pictures, and get them in a post a few days later. Many of the sites package the photos in letter box friendly parcels too, so you don’t have to go and collect them from the post office. You can get your photos printed straight from your Instagram account as they are, or you can get the Polaroid effect and loads more. If you want the Instagram effect without wanting to wait too long, Boots also offer a square 4×4 size on their machines.

The materials used are easy to get. Ryman’s stocked the miniature pegs in their craft and scrap booking section; four balls of string/yarn/twine in a nice little packet came from the 99p shop and the cup hooks used to hold the string up came from Wilkos and were a whole 99p each.

Link here
I was fortunate enough to be able to use cup hooks on each side of the gap and just screw them into the wood from my window frames, however there is a huge and cheap selection of DIY bits and bobs at Wilko’s and it will be pretty easy to find something to suit your needs. Before screwing and nailing, please make sure you have permission from your Landlord if you’re living in rented property! Or…make sure you cover up the holes well enough before you move out! 😉 
There you have it, one rustic DIY Photo Wall that takes hardly any time to do – it looks lovely and not at all tacky, and has really added to our living space. It’s a great way to put up all your favourite photos and memories without having to hang frames everywhere, or bluetak them clumsily to the wall. Thank you for reading and happy photo walling!