Instagram Jealousy

Disclaimer: this post is meant in a light hearted manner and I do not mean to offend or insult anyone!!

I love having a good time and blogging about beautiful family days out as much as the next muma. But, I find myself asking: am I the only mummy blogger who doesn’t have amazing things planned out for their little ones every single day?

I am a stalker. It’s true. I would say that I was ashamed, but honestly, i’m not. The problem with being a stalker though, is you realise that the “exciting” things you have planned out for your day, well, they aren’t actually exciting at all. I follow so many beautiful mummy bloggers on twitter, on facebook and on Instagram and I love love love everything they post. I cannot get enough. I love that picture, I retweet or favourite that tweet. I’ll reblog them on Tumblr. But, I think my real issue (it’s so love/hate) lies with Instagram.

The problem with Insta, more than other social media platforms, is that every post is designed to show off. Whether it’s to show off your new car, new top, your kids crafts – whatever it is, that’s pretty much the point of the photo. We all know that you cannot accurately judge someone’s quality of life on what they selectively post online – but there’s something about Instagram that makes me feel like an itty bitty sort of failure.

Following so many wonderful pro mumas on Instagram makes me feel somewhat…inadequate sometimes. I tell myself daily that their lives can’t possibly that perfect every. single. day. But it just doesn’t sink in! I scroll through Insta and my stomach sinks – someone’s posts their child’s day:

  1. Child eating super amazing healthy home cooked breakfast and enjoying it.
  2. Child getting ready to head out in beautiful clothes from various Etsy stores or Insta’s that they rep for. (Totally awesome, by the way)
  3. Heading to play group/group photo/soft play etc.
  4. Mummy time – having a coffee with the girls while kiddies play together
  5. Home again for a super healthy yummy lunch that once again the kids love and none of it goes on their clothes.
  6. Mum time while the little one naps – coffee/super healthy salad/blogging
  7. Off out on a wonderful countryside walk (this one quite possibly a photo grid picture of trees, robins, child jumping in muddy puddles etc)
And there is nothing at all wrong with this! I will like every single one, double tap and most likely comment. But here I am, at home, double tapping my screen while I have a wee with my toddler screaming hysterically at the door because I’ve locked him out.

We haven’t done half of those things. We ate toast for breakfast. We are still in our pjs, or in our nappies. We aren’t heading to any play groups or soft play ’cause they’re all miles away and we’re skint. No mummy time. We had spaghetti and potato smilies for lunch – he only ate the smilies. I want to go for a nap, I fall asleep just as Luke wakes up. Maybe we’ll go out for the afternoon, but by the time I have chased Luke around and got him dressed and ready, it’s late afternoon/early evening and the shops are shutting. We sort of walk around town and then come home.
Obviously, that’s not my every day thing. But I’m starting to feel that all the awesome fun things we do, exciting places we go – they’re not enough. Am I jealous? Maybe.

Where are the tantrums, ladies? Where are the “standing in the bathroom counting backwards from ten” moments? Am I the only one??


  • Totally get what you mean!!! Instagram jealousy is the worst; I think a lot of people stick with certain themes etc for their instagrams so don’t show the warts and all!! Fab post! Thanks so much for linking up hope to see you again tomorrow!! #MummyMonday xx

    • I know, I know! It’s so silly because I KNOW that people are only showing part of their lives, and that really, deep down, they have melt downs and deal with tantrums just like I do. Thank you for reading, lovely! xx

  • i know how you feel i prefer the pictures of mummies and babies with paint halfway down their faces its way more funny and entertaining don’t see much of those pictures these days x

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