Kratom and why it can help you

People are always in search of finding ways to improve their life and live their life to the fullest. Some look for new meditations and spiritual awakenings while others find pleasure in the small things like reading or improving their diet. Kratom is a product that helps people relax and makes the person feel more comfortable in their own skin. There are many strains of kratom such as Green and Red Maeng Da Kratom which have specific properties that are known to have more intense effects. 

Each strain of kratom will offer some benefits more than others and it is up to the consumer to choose which benefit they would prefer over the other. But even before that, what is kratom and why would kratom help me? This is the million dollar question that I will answer for you in great detail. 

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that is grown in Thailand, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. Kratom only grows in specific tropical climates and it is very rare to find kratom plantations in western countries. From the kratom tree, the leaves are picked and crushed into a fine powder or eaten raw.

Most people consume kratom in various different forms but the most common ways you will be able to buy it are in pills, capsules, extract, or in the refined powder. Some people even mix kratom into their foods or make a very delicious kratom tea. Raw kratom is a very bitter substance to take on its own but mixing it into other foods and drinks will mask the bitterness and still produce the expected effects. 

What does kratom do within the body and how does it interact with our brain? Kratom is a product that primarily acts as a stimulant meaning that it will increase your productivity and make you feel more alert. Lots of people use kratom to help them push through the last hours of the work day when they feel like they just had enough coffee. 

Both coffee and kratom are used as stimulants with the difference that coffee has a large amount of caffeine and kratom has compounds that are not as commonly known as caffeine. The two primary compounds inside kratom are mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine. 

Mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine are an indole-based alkaloids that produce physiological effects on humans. Alkaloids in kratom give the stimulation that people crave and alkaloids are present not only in kratom but in the majority of stimulating products like coffee and nicotine. 

That is why kratom is legal because one of the primary ingredients that kratom contains is already in many products we use every day. Just like many other stimulant products out there such as coffee or energy drinks (which contain extremely large amounts of caffeine and vitamin B6 or B12), everything must be taken in moderation and if not, there may be fatal side effects or permanent organ damage. 

The leaves of the kratom plant contain the majority of compounds needed to feel the effects. Kratom is considered a recreational product with the intention of treating people with mild or severe mental or physical illnesses. It is not an illegal substance and people can find a variety of kratom products on the internet. Even though it is not illegal at the federal level, it is recommended to check your region’s laws and regulations to see if they allow the use of kratom. 

Kratom can help ease muscular pains and can help decrease the swelling of joints for people who are suffering from arthritis or people who have chronic muscle dystrophy. Kratom is not the cure for these diseases but adding kratom into your daily diet can make these pains feel less intense. 

What makes kratom different from many products out on the market is the ability to help people who suffer from mental disorders or illnesses. Kratom has been helping people who specifically suffer from social anxiety and depression because the naturally occuring stimulation acts as a mood booster. 

I suffered social anxiety for many years. It became so bad that I couldn’t leave my apartment and I was afraid to even talk to the doordash delivery person who came to deliver food to my door. It was a very tough time and I used many different substances to try and cope with this problem but the only product that made me feel confident again to experience the world was kratom. 

Kratom and weed have been compared to each other on multiple occasions but they are not similar and produce very different effects on the body. Weed is more of a relaxant and you would normally expect from the majority of the strains of weed to make you feel “high” with psychoactive and mental effects. With kratom, it acts as the opposite.

Kratom primarily is used as an energy booster or something to ease mental stress. Both products help with easing mental and physical stressors on the body but it depends on the individual’s personal preference as to what they would like to experience more. 

This product has also been used to treat people with other medical issues such as digestive ailments and withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse. Kratom has been the solution to a lot of problems that people endure on a daily basis. Even though there are more clinical trials and research needed to be conducted, kratom has shown promising results and the in depth research of this plant has just begun. 

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