Oh gosh! I am so sorry for the complete lack of blog posts of late – I have been having a super hectic time which, I suppose tends to go hand in hand with Christmas, but I feel awful for not keeping up to date.
Also, I write my blogs on my boyfriends tablet/laptop thing and then have to use my phone to upload the pictures via the blogger app because I don’t have a laptop of my own. 🙁 So, with the tablet being either broken, dead or in use, it just makes it all the more trickier to post. This post has come to you through a mix of the blogger app(which is kind of pants) and the website from my HTC. 
But anyway! Since my last blog, I have carried on with my attempts to try and do something christmassy and crafty with Luke everyday. We’ve done a few festive things that I haven’t really taken any pictures of because they’re just us drawing with crayons and colouring in on the chalk board – basic bits and bobs like that, which are great fun, but there’s no real need to share that stuff with you. 
There is one little craft we made which I think is incredibly cute and Christmassy and the entire family will love – homemade Christmas gift tags! They also double up as Christmas tree decorations.
Aside from the crafts, we have really been focusing on getting out and about and enjoying the crisp winter air and rosey cheeks. Here in the UK, we’ve had a relatively dry winter – at least where I live, so going for strolls has been really easy and fun.

Another amazingly exciting thing that’s happened since I last posted is that Luke has learnt to walk! I cannot believe how quickly this skill develops! Earlier this week, he took a few steps and now, just a few days later,he’s zooming around ! I’m so excited he will be walking around this Christmas time. 

As the title of this post states, it is Christmas eve. I have been running around today trying to tidy, wrap,sort  out last minute bits and bobs and my feet are now killing me. Luke saw his dad for a few hours, so at least I was able to vacuum and do other chores without him lovingly trying to help. I had to pack things for Luke and family presents because James,Luke and I are all going to my dads for both Christmas day and boxing day – so I have been trying to judge the number of nappies I’ll need and stuff like that so it is all ready in the morning. More time for me to get ready and for Luke to open a few of his presents!

Now the day has come to an end! I’m currently coming to you from the blissful place that is my bath, with a super lovely Christmas bath bomb from Lush. I am sorry this blog is super boring and that I haven’t posted for ages , but I will work on that as soon is Christmas is over. Watch this space!

So from myself and Luke, happy holidays! We hope you all have such a wonderful couple of days. 

(I apologise for the poor quality of this post!!!)