My Worst Mummy Nightmare from

So they might not be the worst things in the world, but there are a few sticky situations in mum life where just the mere thought of something can cause me to have a mild breakdown. The not-so-tragic but pretty damn stressful parts of life where you feel a little lost and a little silly at the same time.

My worst mummy nightmare has to be:
When both Luke and I are really ill at the same time. I just…cannot.

I know it’s stupid really, it’s tiny, it’s insignificant and it’s something thing that every mother goes through. But it just breaks me down so quickly. When I’m ill, I get really ill. There’s a joke with basically everyone and anyone who knows me that if there is a cold or a bug going round, I will catch it, I will then mutate it into something a million times worse and then take twice as long to get over it. It all makes for a pretty unpleasant situation, baby or no baby.

When Luke is ill, he’s pretty much the same as me – must have inherited my rubbish immune system as well as having the hard luck of being 18 months old and of the age of permanently being poorly. When he is really poorly, he wants cuddles and nothing else. He wants me to lay on my back and he wants to lay on his back on top of me and do nothing but watch Toy Story all day. And that’s fine, if I’m not ill too.

When I wake up with a cold I hate it. I feel like impending doom is hanging over me and I feel anxious and dread the rest of the day from the second my eyes are open. I’m awful when i’m ill; i’m pathetic and I cry and I just cannot. deal. with. it. I am not a Supermum, let’s put it that way. When both of us are ill, it’s a nightmare. I get so stressed, so quickly. I feel like rubbish; i’m achey, I have a headache, I can’t breathe, my back hurts and all Luke wants me to do is sit in the same position with no back support, or lie down for the next 12 hours without moving. All I want to do is sleep.

Overall, when we’re both ill, I hate it more than anything. It’s that one thing in Motherhood that causes me real issues. I just cannot function on my own when i’m ill, let alone function well enough to make someone else better too. But, of course, we get through and we both get over our illnesses soon enough – usually Luke before me. Luckily for me we have James to help us through the days sometimes. If he’s home and we’re both suffering, he’s usually the one doing all the cooking and cleaning, making us food etc.

What is your worst mummy nightmare – those ordinary moments that are inevitable but seem to stress you more than they probably should? Or am I the only one? I really hope not…

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