Just a quick, chatty, rather poontless post today.
In honour of my New Years Resolution, not only did I join the Good Reads 2015 book challenge today, I also bought four new books to get started on after I finish ‘Girl Online’. I’m really excited to read them because I haven’t actually seen the film adaption of Divergent, or whatever it’s called . After reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I’ve rekindled my love of the dystopia genre and I can’t wait to get lost in another book set.
While out and about, we also picked up Luke a few bits. Nothing terriy exciting because he got so much fun stuff for Christmas that he has everything he could ever possibly want right now. But off we popped into town and we still managed to find things to buy him!
First off, an adorable fleecey hat from Morrison’s. Morrison’s do a lovely, very reasonably priced range of children’s clothes and so I saw this and couldn’t resist, it’s far too adorable. Plus it was on sale! I’m not sure if it’s a tad girly? Can a plain white winter hat even be gender specific? Either way, it was hanging in the boys section… and there’s no gender stereotyping in my household!
Secondly, Luke has crazy dry skin sometimes. It’s not too dry he needs to go to the doctor or anything, but he gets dry cheeks and arms. Also, after a horrible teething session, his neck is suffering a bit from drool. I bought the kids version of E45 for him to try out and popped it on him today after his bath. It has the same credentials as normal E45 – perfume free, allergy screened and dermatologically tested, I can only assume the the children’s version is slightly weaker? Anyway, I thought as far as skin goes for toddlers, go with something you trust.
In other news, Luke has started really gurgling and having strange sounding conversations with himself. Which is, of course, adorable. Tomorrow’s plan consists of crafty things and lots of reading, so watch this space. Also, I’m planning two new blog posts for the near future – mine and Luke’s December favourites and a post about the books Luke received for Christmas.