Wheeww, it is once again mine and Luke’s turn to create a new video for the great YouTube collaboration that is The Kids Make And Bake Club.

Kids Make And Bake Club YouTube Channel

We decided to try our hand at making Pom Pom (or marshmallow) Shooters. All you’ll need is an empty TP Roll, a balloon and a pair of scissors.

As you can see, Luke was having none of it when it came to decorating the shooter – all he wanted to do was PLAY!

It’s great fun and Luke got that hang of it really quickly and he’s not even 2 yet. It’s definitely a quick little craft I’d recommend for kids of all ages.

For extra security (if you have some shooter crazed children) add some sticky tape around the balloon/TP roll just to hold it all in place.

Enjoy !!

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