teacher proctoring his students during an examination

Test anxiety; 4 unique strategies you should know about

Most people think that test anxiety is just not that debilitating and can easily be overcome. This is not true at all. Feeling anxious before an important exam is normal, but test anxiety can give you unhealthy results and can also be really bad for your career and future. It is very important to learn how to handle it so that it does not interfere with your ability to perform in written or oral exams. Remember, anxiety can also cause memory retrieval issues, so even if you have studied really well for your test, you might even blank out. If you have this problem, be sure to check out these suggestions to help you improve your overall testing experience in university.

teacher proctoring his students during an examination
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Consider and change your personal definition of anxiety

You can take the example of many high-level athletes who compete in prominent athletic competitions. When asked if they felt nervous before their competition started, most of them often have the same answer, “No.” It is important to understand the physical manifestations of your anxiety which is mostly your nerves. Try changing your perspective and interpret your physical and mental stimuli as exciting, not something that causes anxiety. Fast heartbeat, butterflies, sweaty palms are all symptoms of both excitement and anxiety. Keep trying to remind yourself that it is the same feeling, you just have to interpret it that way.

Smoke a joint the night before

Marijuana is slowly being recognized all over the world for its potential in treating a multitude of disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and many more. Since anxiety tends to cause insomnia, you can smoke a joint before you go to bed after finishing all of your preparation. A popular strain for this is the island pink strain, which is known for its calming and relaxing effects. Just remember not to smoke right before your exam. 

Prepare well and don’t worry about the grades

Understand that boosting your confidence in the classroom is not only about your test. Take care of the little things, and your grades will take care of themselves. This means taking notes regularly, revising your lectures, reviewing your material, and not just cramming one night before the exam. This might be tough for students with jobs and extra-curricular, so find a level of preparation that can be tolerated without stressing yourself out too much.

Use the power of deep-breathing

It might be astonishing to know that most of us do not breathe the right way. We are supposed to use our diaphragm to expand our belly, but instead, most of us take short and shallow breaths that limit our oxygen intake. Deep breathing can help lower your blood pressure and can even help relax your muscles. Your cognitive function can be significantly improved with the power of deep breathing.

It is very hard to deal with an overwhelming feeling of stress right before or during your test. Use these tips and tricks to help you deal with text anxiety.

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