Top 5 Crafty Mummy Blogs from

Top 5: Crafty Mummy Blogs

Hello everyone!

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you’ll know that I LOVE a good crafting session with my little Lukeosaurus!

As well as having an amazing imagination (yeah right) and the glorious Pinterest at my disposal, I also follow some amazing crafty mumma’s that never fail to put a huge smile on my face and fill my head with new and exciting crafts ideas.

Top 5 Crafty Mummy Blogs from

So I decided to put together a little appreciation post.

In no particular order, here are my,

Top 5 Crafty Mummy Blogs

(that I absolutely love!)

1. Clare’s Little Tots

I love Clare’s Little Tots blog and I am addicted to her Instagram too. There are just so many great crafting ideas and awesome learning activities for children of all ages. I particularly love her Playdough posts and she has a wonderful (and super pretty) board about playdough on her Pinterest. A few of my favourite posts have been her Farmyard Tuff Spot activity (totally convinced me I HAD to get a tuff spot), her easy No Cook Playdough recipe and her Easy Alien Craft. I also find her website and blog really interesting to read from a Child Care point of view, as well as a mother, because I am currently studying Child Care and Child Psychology.

2. Larabee-UK

Leandra from Larabee-UK is my ultimate go-to blogger. Besides being a wonderful blogging friend and being such a kind and helpful blogger that I have ended up going to countless times for help, she also runs a great inspirational blog that I can’t stop reading. She has a “Create” section of her blog that you can easily see on her sidebar and I love just browsing down and finding some really ingenius, unique ideas. I recently loved this DIY Tic-Tac-Toe activity with some beautiful hand painted rocks. I am also a big fan of her super bright and colourful Salad Spinner Art and I really loved her thrifty DIY Mother’s Day Plant gift – it was so gorgeous and such a wonderful idea!

3. In The Playroom

In The Playroom is a recent discovery of mine and I cannot believe what I was missing out on! As soon as I discovered this blog, I spent at least an hour going through previous posts and finding such fab ideas. I really loved this  Eco Beads Paper Bracelets post she wrote for Earth Day because it reminded me of the first time my super sister, Sarah, went to Uganda. She worked with these woman and children who were making jewellery just like this and selling it to survive; she bought home loads of the necklaces they’d made and got some great donations to send back to the women in Uganda. Other favourite posts so far include, Ocean Themed Window Art, the Squishy Ocean Themed Sensory Bag and these Scented Painted Cards.

4. Crafty Kids At Home

Nicola runs a fab blog and it’s definitely another of my go-to crafting blogs. Although some of the crafts and messy play ideas she posts are about are a bit too complex for my Lukeosaurus, there is a huge selection of activities that are great for him. That’s kind of another reason why I love this blog really, the age range of activities is great and I know it’s a blog I can keep coming back to as Luke grows and is able to do more complex activities. A few of my favourite posts that are suitable for Luke’s age at the moment are: Pretend Baking For Toddlers, Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep and 15 Popsicle Stick Ideas. Her Pinterest is also teaming with more crafting and messy activities for kids. She also writes for Visit From The Stork CIC, a great publication that I am also part of, and she was featured in their August Magazine issue that you can read here.

5. Monkey And Mouse

Monkey and Mouse is a great crafty blog that I have followed for as long as I can remember. Jenny is a great woman and again, I have had many little chats with her and she’s helped me out loads in the blogging world. A post that she’s shown me recently, that I never even knew existed because it’s a really early one, is 20 Things To Do With A Paper Plate – if you’re a regular reader or you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll know I am obsessed with Paper Plate crafts! Jenny’s Pinterest is also pretty awesome and I follow her boards religiously! A few other posts that I really love are: 20 Things To Do With Lolly Sticks, Painting By Cars and Rock Monsters.


It was so hard to narrow all the fantastic blogs I religiously follow to just 5! There are so many great, inspirational crafty and messy play blogs that I can’t get enough of, and there are so many I haven’t even discovered yet.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope I have spread a little crafty joy today and maybe introduced some awesome new blogs to a few of you.

These are truly my favourite types of blogs to read; if you know a blog or own a blog you think I would love, please leave a comment and let me know!


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