I have been colouring my hair with home dye kits since I was a teenager, and recently, I have also started bleaching my hair from home as well. This means that I have been using hair dye for about 11 years and bleach for about 2 years. All that wear and tear sure takes it’s toll on my hair and, as a result, I’ve had to really put some time into learning how to care for coloured hair.

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I have dyed my hair almost every colour under the sun, but these days I stick to red, pink and sometimes purple. To get these colours lovely and vibrant, I often bleach my hair before dying. This can make hair feel dry and brittle, look dull and straw like and just generally look unhealthy. There’s no point dying your hair if your hair isn’t going to look beautiful and vibrant. I’ve decided to put together a list of tips and tricks that myself, and other people with real experiences have recommended, in order to help you get the best from your coloured hair.

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How to Care For Colour Treated Hair

How to care for coloured hair at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk


Shampoo and Conditioning Products

First thing is first; let’s talk about shampoo and conditioner. A great tip from Laura and one that is generally advised by stylists, is to use professional shampoo and conditioner products. Although these can cost a pretty penny, it is worth the money! These products are designed specifically to nourish your hair and to keep the colours as vibrant as possible. It’s inevitable that colour will fade over time and with washes, but salon quality products created specifically for coloured hair will significantly increase the time period in which your hair stays vibrant and colourful. Also, because of the quality of these hair care brands, you don’t need to use as much product when washing your hair.


How to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

That being said, it’s important to remember that every time your hair gets wet, it causes the loss of colour molecules and makes your colour fade. Therefore, be prepared to wash your hair less frequently. Washing less frequently will help your hair retain the natural oils that condition the hair, so instead of washing every day, try to limit hair washes to one or two times a week and use a colour safe dry shampoo on the in-between days to keep your hair looking fresh.

Pop your hair in a high pony tail while you shower to make sure it doesn’t get wet (or use a shower cap!) and stick to luke-warm water when shampooing (always make sure you condition as well!) Why not skip the shampoo occasionally and head straight for the conditioner, or, as Hayley suggests use the odd deep-conditioning treatment to keep your hair feeling soft and shiny?

Leave In Treatments

Deep conditioning treatments come in many forms and they’re vital for healthy looking hair that has been colour treated. Leave in conditioning treatments help keep your hair looking beautiful, as well as helping to protect your hair from heated styles, such as using a hair dryer or straighteners. Hot oil treatments also work wonders if you’re looking for beautifully shiny hair, plus they’re easy to do by yourself at home. Leanne swears by conditioning her hair with coconut oil once a week, and it’s something that I do too. Coconut oil is famous for its health benefits and those extend to your hair too. Emma uses Henna Dry Wax conditioner that she says is cheap and nourishes her dry hair wonderfully.

Diet and Supplements

Yep, these things are widely over looked when talking about hair care. I’m not saying you need to go crazy, you just want to look into maintaining a healthy diet as the nutrients from a good diet fuels lustre and hair growth. Iron rich proteins will help your scalp and strengthen your hair by improving texture and stimulating growth. Vitamins can also help keep hair healthy and shiny, so make sure to take your daily vitamin capsule. Besides, maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t just benefit out hair, as we all know, so it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

Don’t Over Do It

Obviously, colouring your hair will damage it, so it’s best not to colour your hair move than once over 6 – 7 weeks. If you’re concerned about roots showing, there are several products available as touch ups until it’s time for your next colouring. Don’t do too many sessions at once, remember that every time you add these chemicals to your hair, you will be damaging it, so make sure to stagger treatments. To keep your hair happy and healthy, make sure you get regular cuts and trims to keep the split ends at bay.

Get Your Hair Coloured Professionally

If you’re looking for something that’s a little different from your usual style, it may be beneficial to head to the salon and get your hair done by the experts. Hairdressers are kitted out with the best shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes and bleaches that enable them to fix up your hair with minimal damage. Emily, who has bright magenta coloured hair, recommends that if you’re a seasoned home dyer (like me!), it’s worth visiting a professional at least once a year just to keep on top of the damage.

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How to Deal With Hair Loss

With damaged hair comes the risk of hair loss. I find that after bleaching, when my hair is quite dry and damaged, more of my hair falls out than I am comfortable with. For this reason, it’s so important to follow the tips above to give yourself and your hair the best possible chances of being healthy. Obviously, hair loss has a wide variety of causes effecting both men and women, and is not a soul symptom related to dying your hair.

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How to care for coloured hair at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk