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3 Downsizing Mistakes You Should Avoid at all Costs

It’s surprising to see how many people have absolutely no plan when it comes to moving to a smaller home. They may have a general idea of how they’re going to pack stuff, who is going to help them move, and which method they’re going to use, but they overlook so many of the small details. These details can lead to loss or damage of property, theft, extra costs, and even serious legal issues in some cases, so this isn’t something you can take lightly. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes to avoid when downsizing to a smaller space.

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Underestimating the Need for Space

You cannot move without knowing what it’s like to live in a smaller space, so we suggest you find a way to test the waters before you do. One of the things you could do is rent a serviced apartment that is roughly the size of the space you’re trying to get or go for an Airbnb. You should try staying there for at least seven days so you can tell how it feels. If you’re feeling cramped up or you notice that your children and/or pets don’t have the space they need, then you might reconsider your move.

Overlooking Hidden Costs

You also need to look at your objectives for downsizing. If your goal is to save money, then you shouldn’t just pick a home because it’s cheaper. There could be many hidden costs attached to the home that you may have not thought about. You need to make sure that the unit you buy won’t require major repairs or maintenance shortly. How long ago was the roof replaced? What about the driveway? Are there visible cosmetic issues that need to be fixed? How about plumbing, heating, and wiring?

You also have to pay attention to things like taxes and other costs related to living in the area you’re thinking of moving to. Only when you’ve factored in all these costs will you be able to tell how much you’re actually saving by moving.

Holding On to Too Much Stuff

You should consider getting rid of everything you can’t use or bring with you. Don’t get too attached to your stuff and think about giving some of it away. Things you don’t need can be sold either through classifieds or through a garage sale. If there are things that you still want to keep because they hold sentimental value or because you’ll need them eventually, you’ll have no choice but to look at a self-storage unit.

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These are only some of the downsizing errors you should steer clear of. Start with a solid plan, and make sure that you’re ready for your new life in a smaller space.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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