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4 Fun Activities to try in London

If you intend to visit London or are one of its permanent residents, then don’t fall for the trap of only visiting the classic must-do’s and must-see’s that of most online travel guides advise you to. Sure, if it is your first time visiting London, you must visit its flagship points, such as Big Ben, London Eye, and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, however, it’s worth looking for some alternative activities to do, especially if you’re visiting with family.

London is such a fantastic place to visit as a family, and with so much to see and do, you may wish to consider finding overnight accommodation and turning your visit into a sightseeing holiday! If this is the case, London is a brilliant city to rent and let guest accommodation and Air BnB properties. Trusted short let guest managers, such as GuestReady, ensure that Air BnB properties are managed to the highest of standards. Guest of properties that have been maintained via GuestReady can expect well-maintained accommodation that has been well furnished with clean and modern furniture, creating an ideal stop-over for family visits and business trips alike.

Now you’ve sorted your accommodation, let’s take a look at some of the best things to see and do in the city of London.

architecture bay boats bridge
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1. Live the experience of “Nights” in museums

Once a year, the Museums of London organise the so-called “nights”. During these events, Londoner’s can visit the museums in the evening, drink, eat, dance, and enjoy the beautiful exhibits that these museums offer. T

2. Make a picnic in Greenwich

Greenwich’s neighbourhood is a very beautiful area outside the central London that you can admire the huge ship Cutty Sark, but to also visit its outdoor market, see the Observatory, stand and take pictures on the famous meridian line that marks the point where the eastern side of the hemisphere is divided from the western side. But beyond that, perhaps the most beautiful part of this excursion is the walk-in the park, where the view is magnificent. It’s never full of people like Hyde Park and allows you to rest and have a nice picnic with your family.

3. Wander at Canary Wharf Shopping Centre

Here is the “Heart” of Business London. All employees in banks, multinational companies, etc., are in this “small town” in the city. And we mention it as a small town because where the offices are housed, it is also shops, restaurants, supermarkets, riders and many other activities for all those workers who are there but also for guests. Visiting this point, you can get a good taste for a London worker’s everyday life and habits, while you will also experience new exciting places to spend your time.

4. Spend your time in a Venue Crazy Golf

You may listen to Crazy Golf for the first time, but this activity is widespread throughout the city of London. A game that everyone has loved, those who have tried it even once again continues to increase in popularity in the English capital. Crazy Golf is essentially played with the rules of a Mini Golf game, but the main difference in this is that various themes are used in the lining of the stadiums by using natural obstacles and objects that make your game more challenging. It is a fresh and youthful game that aims for the whole family, with most Venue facilities to provide you with all the extra food, drink and entertainment services. An excellent choice in the city of London is one of the five different Venues of Plonk Golf located in every area of ​​the town, providing every site and a different game experience, with various decorations and themes.

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