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5 Outdoor Learning Activities For Children 

The great outdoors offers the perfect platform to support your child’s learning, from hands-on experiences to one-on-one encounters with the natural world. If you’re looking for educational activities with an added dose of fresh air and sunshine, then take a look at this guide from a private school in Ireland

A Walk-Through History 

Get wrapped up and head out to visit historical landmarks in your area. Take a trip to see historical buildings or look out for statues and monuments, which provide insight into prominent local figures and events. You could even source an old map and plan a route which highlights how the community has grown and evolved throughout the years. 

Discover Nature 

Take a stroll through a local park or nature reserve and keep a watchful eye out for plants and wildlife along your way. You could take photos of the birds, trees and insects you encounter and then flex your detective skills when you get home to learn their names and discover more about them. 

Get Green Fingers 

Whether you have the space for an entire vegetable patch or just enough room for a window ledge flower box, growing something at home is a great way to teach children about plant lifestyles and food production. Children are also more likely to try different fruits and vegetables if they have grown them themselves. 

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Outdoor Art Lessons 

Nature provides endless mediums to create interesting and unique art projects. Gather sticks in the garden to construct sculptures and model buildings or use leaves and flowers as paint stamps to create abstract art pieces. 

Chalk Games 

Outdoor chalk activities can bring maths topics to life and particularly benefit children with a kinaesthetic learning style. Draw out a giant clock face and shout out different times, having your child draw on the clock hands to indicate the correct time. Another idea is to create a maths hopscotch to help your child master addition and times tables, you can find templates online to give you some inspiration.

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