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5 Subtle Signs That Your Canine Companion Needs Medical Attention

You may love your pet a lot, but there are chances of being complacent about its health because of your busy lifestyle. It is easy to miss out on routine vet checkups because of procrastination or sheer laziness. At times, you may consider your dog healthy and fit, and getting health checkups for it is the last thing on your mind. But the animal could be dropping some subtle hints about being unwell. You have to be extra watchful about these signs because they could call for medical attention. Here are the signs you should take seriously.

closeup photo of brown and black dog face
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Heavy or shallow panting

Panting is common in dogs, and they do it for multiple reasons. The animal may be stressed, or it could only be trying to cool down after exercise. But heavy or shallow panting for apparently no reason could be a warning sign. The animal may be in pain or distress, which can lead to breathing issues. If it happens more than once, you must take it to the vet sooner rather than later. 

Excessive grooming

Dogs habitually groom their fur and paws, but excessive grooming could indicate that your furry companion is in a problem. Constant or obsessive grooming often signifies pain in a specific area. It could also be an initial indication of itchy and uncomfortable skin allergies, which are a common canine health issue. A quick visit to the specialist can help with early diagnosis and treatment, which may include a medical allergy shot dogs sometimes require in order to eliminate allergy symptoms, as well as to teach their immune systems to tolerate allergies.

Poor coat quality

Another subtle sign that could point to an underlying health issue is poor coat quality. A dull coat with thinning hair often happens due to hormonal imbalances. It could be caused by abnormal thyroid levels, cushings syndrome, or diabetes. Hair loss is often common along the back, rear legs, and tail. Keep an eye on this subtle sign because your dog may need a hormonal reset.

Loss of appetite

A sudden and unexplained loss of appetite is a reason to worry for dog owners, particularly if your pet is a voracious eater otherwise. Firstly, be sure to check that your dog’s food is not to blame. Ensure that you are providing your dog with good quality food and treats, such as Nutra Thrive for Dogs in order to give them a great nutritionally balanced diet.

Poor food intake may also be accompanied by weight loss. It could happen due to a minor digestive issue, or the reason could be more serious such as a sore limb or even cancer. The best thing to do would be to get a complete health check from the vet to rule out serious issues and get the pert’s appetite back on track.

Change in personality

You may see a visible change in the personality of your pet at some point. It could surprisingly be an indication of a medical condition. Behavioural changes are common when dogs are in pain or are feeling unwell. A normally social dog may show signs of withdrawal or a happy and energetic pet may suddenly become aggressive or lethargic. It may snap when you touch it in a specific area because it may be in pain. Contact your veterinarian when you see significant changes in your pet’s temperament.

Early intervention can prevent serious health problems for your pet, so you must act fast even when you see these subtle signs. The sooner you get help, the better it is for your canine friend.

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