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7 Tips For Updating Your Kid’s Room With Floral Wallpaper To Add Color

Like any other part of your home, such as a bedroom or a living room, a kid’s room requires the same thought when deciding on wallpaper. However, you will need to define a kid’s room before taking the next step.

For instance, is it a general play area or the entire bedroom, depending on whether you can find the perfect wallpaper for your kid’s space? Also, when we say kids, it could be a whole range starting from infants to teenagers. 

In this article, we will talk about updating a kid’s room with floral wallpaper. Remember, every kid’s preference changes depending on their age and moods. So, here are the 7 tips for updating your kid’s floral wallpaper to add color. 

empty bedroom set
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7 Tips for updating your kid’s room with floral wallpaper

  • Think about the number of walls to apply the wallpaper. You can either opt for a single feature wall, or mix and match wallpapers can help create an individual effect. Incorporate multiple colors of floral wallpaper for walls to create a space for everyone. It can be helpful if you have two or more children using the room. 
  • The answer to finding the best wallpaper is opting for one that stays for “a long time.” So, you need to break down the whole selection process. They must have a timeless quality. But more than that, you must opt for an option or pattern that stays trending and in sync with your kid’s growing phase. That way, you don’t have to change it again and again. 
  • You must use a floral adhesive wallpaper only if it’s resistant to wear and tear. But more than that, it must be wash-resistant. It will be pretty suitable for your kid’s room since there are frequent accidents when kids are around—for instance, crayons, unannounced painting sessions. So, the ability to clean wallpaper gives an upper hand. 
  • You must set the mood right by using the correct patterns and color palette. For a kid’s room, you can opt for bright, attractive colors. These colors make the space quite engaging, welcoming, and open. Don’t indulge in dark tones since it will look dreary to kids. For instance, if you want to opt for light colors, make sure you opt for a pattern that gives an appealing burst of color. 
  • You must always seek balance. For instance, it shouldn’t look too busy or too dull. Your child will spend a sizable amount in their room. So, make it something they will love instead of something that you will like.
  • Make it unique as per your child’s personality. It will help them stay in a room longer than before with more enthusiasm. Plus, it will enhance their knowledge-seeking skills along with creative abilities. 
  • You should not stick to only walls. Instead, you can get creative with storage spaces, almirahs, and other furniture to amp up the kid’s room. This will make them quite excited around these spaces. For instance, you can do it for their play area or the reading corner.

Final Words

Updating your kid’s room shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. And these tips will help you achieve just that!

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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