A Digital Marketing Career: Get Creative On The Job!

Having a job which allows your creativity to shine through is something that most of us can only dream about. How can a Digital Marketing Career turn your dreams into a reality?

When you dream about a career, you think about doing something you love. You think about the opportunities for progression and promotion, and hopefully, you think about going to work every day loving what you do. But how do you find that very job, and how do you ensure you get the creative side of your brain in gear every day?

Ever thought about a career in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing. A whole new area where you can let your creativity flow, and one that you may not have considered really in terms of a creative job. When people think of being in a creative sector, they visualise arts or music and not really thought of creativity in terms of thinking up ideas. This is where Digital Marketing is that little bit different.

Digital Marketing covers everything from Social Media and Email Marketing, to Content writing and SEO. The best part being that you get to dip in to a little bit of everything! However, grabbing a career like this is great to really show people what you can create, what you can achieve and what ideas you can bring to the table. There are loads of jobs around if you’ve got the skill set, so it’s worth having a look at online job listing search sites to find out what’s available near you. So, what are the different ways you can release your creativity through your Digital Marketing job?

Fancy a career in Digital Marketing? Here's everything you need to know about what it is and how to get into it. More at

Content Writing and Blogging.

A great move if you love to write! In a career like this, you’ll regularly get to write a whole host of things. If you’re blogging for your brand or for a client, you can come up with endless possibilities to spread the word and to also create content that is not only interesting to read, but something that gives them information they may not have known before.

Creating the right content isn’t the only thing you need to be able to focus on. Researching the relevant keywords for SEO purposes is also extremely important if you want your content to be noticed by the right people. How satisfying would it be to create the best content you possibly can, and knowing you’ve done a great job due to the amount of engagement and shares it gets? All thanks to your quality content and optimisation.

Social Media Marketing.

We all love a good Social Media channel. Let’s face it, we check our accounts multiple times a day to see the latest from our friends, the recent touring information from our favourite artists and the new product from popular brands. It’s safe to say that Social Media is so useful and without it, brands wouldn’t sell as well as they do!

As a Digital Marketer, you’ll get to think up creative social media campaigns, create ads that are engaging for a brand’s target audience and share your all-important blog content for the Social Media world to see.

Fancy a career in Digital Marketing? Here's everything you need to know about what it is and how to get into it. More at

Website Design.

We can all relate when it comes to visiting a great quality website. If you land on a website when doing a Google search and it isn’t user friendly, you’re more likely to click off the site and try to find another one. You’re more likely to stay, browse and even make some sort of purchase if it’s easy to navigate around.

If you like to get a bit technical with things, website design could be a great way to let your creativity loose. Websites need to look good, they need to be optimised and need to be filled with great quality content. How can you be creative with this and create a site that people will not only be impressed with when they visit, but will also encourage them to stay and browse further?

Fancy a career in Digital Marketing?

Through a career in the Digital world, there really are endless possibilities. Bigfoot Digital, an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency based in Yorkshire know just that! They’re always on the look out for motivated individuals with a creative flair, so if a Digital Marketing career is for you, they’d love to hear from you. Bigfoot Digital specialise in everything from Social Media and SEO to Website Design and Content Writing services.

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