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There are a lot of ways to achieve the healthier skin you may want. Some of those include techniques you can try at home. But when home skin care just doesn’t cut it anymore it is time to visit your local skincare clinic. When there, a peel is one of the many things you could try to get your healthy glow back. But should you try just any peel? What are the differences between the peels offered? Let’s find out.

How a Peel is Defined and What it Does

The term “peel” may make you think of completely removing something, much like peeling a piece of fruit. However, no matter which peel you choose, all of your skin is not removed. A peel is actually any type of surface procedure that removes undesirable materials. Those are skin that is already dead, makeup, dirt, and any other products or molecules of things that do not belong. The purpose of the peel is to leave only healthy skin behind.

Common Peels You Can Find in Clinics

Some types of peels are quite common and offered by most clinics. One example is the laser peel. An ablative laser can strip away dirt and pore-clogging grime while also encouraging skin cells to remain and to start healing. Other popular alternatives include microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The latter can be customized to change the treatment depths. That allows expert treatment, regardless of skin condition. Each of those methods is sure to improve skin health, but they also come with varying amounts of discomfort and side effect risks.

New Peels Are Constantly Being Developed

There are always new types of peel procedures and products entering the skincare market. If you want to get help restoring your skin to its former glory, some of those newer methods are worth looking into. The newer procedures, such as JetPeel, are often designed to be gentler on the skin. That makes the treatment process itself more comfortable and often shorter. It also reduces the time it takes for the skin to recover after treatment.

Why Any Type of Peel is Necessary

You might be wondering about the reason why peels are necessary and the types of skin conditions they can treat. The necessity comes from simply living your life. Hormone levels decreasing, pollutant and sun exposure, products used on your skin, and even your diet can eventually have adverse effects on skin quality. As a result, any number of skin conditions can arise.

One of the most common uses for any type of peel procedure is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, a peel can also be used to treat rough skin, age spots, and some forms of acne scarring. A peel can also leave the color of your skin looking more even, in general. Reducing roughness, brightening skin tone, and getting rid of freckles or other blemishes can all also be achieved with the right types of peel processes.

Side Effects of Peel Procedures Vary 

Before getting any sort of peel, you have to think about the potential side effects. Often, any procedure affecting the outer layer of your skin can open it up temporarily to be more prone to infections. Temporary redness is also not uncommon after a lot of peels. However, newer procedures like JetPeels are often gentler than more invasive options like chemical or laser procedures.

Peel Selection is Not Always Up to You

Within certain limits, you can select your own peel procedure. For example, you need to choose one that fits your budget. However, it is also important to get professional advice. A clinician may steer you in the direction of one peel type or another. That can occur if the condition of your skin makes you a better candidate for a certain peel type. That means you need to keep an open mind when choosing a peel for healthier skin.

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