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Free Nature Printables For Kids | British Wildlife Tracks Worksheets

It can be particularly difficult to spot your local wildlife in the UK. Many of the wild animals that live in the UK are extremely shy and, as such, tend only to come out late in the day, often when we’re all ready to get tucked up in bed! But, if you want to do some detective work and find out about the wild animals that live near you, there are a few little clues the animals leave behind for us. Today, I’m sharing these fantastic free nature printables for kids – the British Wildlife Tracks Worksheets – that can be downloaded and printed at home to help children learn more about British wildlife tracking. 

Animal Tracking Is A Fun Free Family Activity

Animal tracking is a seriously fun way to spend screen-free time outdoors with kids. As a family, learning more about British wildlife tracks and understanding how to identify them not only helps teach children about the world around them but can also foster a lover of nature and animals; this is something that I feel is incredibly important given that many of the planet’s nature habits are being destroyed. 

If you’re looking for free activities to do with kids, these British wildlife tracks worksheets are not only fun, but they’re also extremely educational. To get started, all you need to do is download your free nature printables for kids using the link below.


Using The British Wildlife Tracks Worksheets

These free nature printables for kids have been designed to help families learn more about their local wildlife. Featuring some of the most common wild animals in the UK, you’ll learn how to identify tracks you find when out and about on your adventures. The British wildlife tracks worksheets also include activities relating to animal tracking, including a Match The Track worksheet, colouring, and a British wildlife word search. 

The Best Place To Search For Animal Tracks

Animal footprints, or animal tracks, are much easier to identify in squishy mud or snow. Look out for tracks on woodland walks by searching for any signs of wildlife when near a muddy path or squelchy puddle. During the winter it can be much easier to find animal tracks as the snow leaves a perfectly formed footprint that you can identify. 

Some Animal Tracks Look Similar!

The free printable British wildlife tracks worksheets show that some animal tracks look extremely similar to others. In particular, it can be hard to distinguish between foxes and dogs. Here are some hints to help you to better identify tracks:

  • Fox tracks have four diamond shaped toes.
  • If you see four rounded toes, it’s more likely that those tracks belong to a dog.
  • Badgers have five toes and long claw marks.
  • Deer have cloven (split in two) hooves that leave long marks, these are smaller compared to a cow’s track, which is also cloven.


If You’re Struggling, Look For More Evidence…

If you are struggling to identify the animal track you’ve found, even with the help of the free nature printables for kids, look around you for further evidence! There may be other clues that will help you to identify the wildlife tracks. Look out for signs of:

  • Badger sets. Big holes in the ground that may have dirt around the outside.
  • Mice or rats. If you come across a small hole in the ground that’s only a few centimetres wide, it could belong to a mouse or rat.
  • Poop. Look out for poop! Remember, never touch any wildlife poop you see, but identifying this can help to narrow down your animal track possibilities. 
  • Clumps of fur. Sometimes an animal’s fur gets snagged on nearby branches. You may be able to identify animals from these small samples of fur.
  • Nibbled nuts. If you find yourself staring at a pile of nibbled nuts, it could be a sign of mice or squirrels.

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Want More Free Kids Printables?

We love a freebie, and we love printables…so it’s no wonder I have so many free kids’ printables on the blog! If you loved these British Wildlife Tracks Worksheets, take a look at our free printables for kids resources by clicking the image below. Don’t forget to PIN IT and save it for later!

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