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How to choose the right pest management company for your home?

Pests and bugs are the cause of some major problems at home. You can keep your home clean, get rid of the garbage, and deal with the moisture, but there will be something left to attract the bugs. It could be the attic, mould development behind your kitchen’s closed cabinet, or the walls’ dampness. You may find it challenging to control the bugs in such situations; thus, you need professional pest control specialists to solve the problem. 

Hiring professionals in this field also needs you to act wisely. It would help if you looked into various factors before finalizing the right company for your home. Just as you look for quality and value for other home services, such as home cleaning, repair, etc., you must do the same for bug and pest prevention services. This article mentions the factors that help you determine the best services, from managing your home, to airport bird control.

How does bug infestation affect your home? 

Rodents, pests, and bugs harm your home and the inmates. It has various effects, from structural damage to health hazards for the family members. Here’s a list of wears: 

  • Health effects: Rodents and bugs urinate on the surface and leave behind fecal matter that contaminates the air and surface. Common diseases spread by mice are Lyme diseases, salmonella, etc. Inmates can suffer from asthma and food contamination if they have cockroaches and mosquitoes at home. 
  • Structural scarring: Termites, beetles, and ants feed on burrows through the wood. They eat the wood and cause damage to the structural integrity of your home. The impairment comes with an expensive repair cost and increases the risk of collapsing or cracking certain parts. 

You wouldn’t want little termites and bugs to cause such major problems for you. So, it is better to deal with them in time and save yourself from any inconveniences in the future. 

What factors should you consider before finalizing the termite control company for your home? 

Look for licensed companies.

Each state has a set of regulations that the pest control companies have to follow to get the license to operate and provide services. You should ask for a valid license and check it on their website. A genuine company such as Pest Control Experts, for instance, will display their license number, the year of registration on their websites, and other important documents to help customers.

Check the experience and reputation of the company. 

The knowledge and reputation of the company will help you understand the quality of their work. It is possible for a company to be in the business for several years but not hold a strong rapport among customers. Therefore, you must check pest control comparison reviews to learn about their methods, customer satisfaction, and the quality of work. Once you compare reviews, you can shortlist some companies to determine other factors. 

Research the company’s experience and specialities.

Similar to doing your research regarding the reputation of the company, you should also do your research when it comes to the company’s workforce and the experience they offer. Look out for information about the types of services they offer and read up about any particular expertise that the company boasts, for example, do they excel in any particular area, such as Crawl Space Remediation or hornet nest removal? Finding a company that specialises in your particular pest control issue can rapidly speed up the process of removing the offending issues.

Ask for the insurance and warranty. 

Most homeowner insurances do not cover the pest damage and repair costs. Therefore, you must look for a company that offers termite and bug insurance. It will help you if any damage or repairs are needed after they complete their work. It is important to read the damage clause in the contract and understand it thoroughly. If the company does not provide a warranty, ensure a yearly inspection to prevent the recurrence of bugs, pests, and termites. 

Stay alert for bogus companies.

You will receive many calls to sell their bug prevention services when you search for services online. It is crucial to know whether the companies are genuine or not. Some will push you into signing a contract without any valid reason. You may find individuals selling services door to door. They claim to give you annual packages you may not even need. It would help if you did not believe everything they said. Instead, you should do your research well and be aware of the bogus service providers. 

Ask about the treatment plan.

Many companies attract customers by displaying that they offer the best treatment plan. However, asking them about the method they would use if you were their customers is crucial. Some companies also offer free consultations. So, you can share the problem’s area and learn whether they will use baits, chemicals, or exclusion to treat the issues. 

Read the contract carefully.

When you decide on a service partner, you must read and understand the service contract. The clauses may contain legal terminology that can be hard to understand. So, requesting their clarification on the information before signing the paper is better. Also, ensure the contract covers all the services that you need. 

Final thoughts 

We hope the above points will help you choose the best bug prevention services for your home. Ensure to compare the costs before you decide on the final company. It is always a good idea to ask for references from friends and family. It reduces the hassle of shortlisting the companies. You get a prepared list and compare them to suit your requirements better. 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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