How To Work With UK Mummy Bloggers

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The ‘Mummy Blogger’ is one of the most popular and widely known niches within the blogging industry. As far as influencing others goes, it’s safe to say that mummy bloggers could easily have the upper hand. I myself have been heavily influenced by my favourite mummy bloggers, and as a result have bought expensive luxury products, shared marketing posts across social media and even booked a holiday with a suggested company. 

With a loyal audience who know exactly what they want in terms of content, they’re a great brand of blogger to work with and can offer you a variety of collaborations to suit your marketing needs and budget. 

If you’re still unsure about whether working with bloggers, specifically mummy bloggers, can be of any benefit to your brand, keep reading. As a UK mummy blogger who touches on the lifestyle niche as well, I am going to dive into more detail about the types of collaborations that can benefit you, as well as listing some of my favourite UK mummy bloggers.

Why work with a mummy blogger?

UK mummy bloggers have a great advantage over other niches as they’re able to cover a wide variety of topics while still remaining relevant to their audience. From expecting mums to mums of multiple kids, many of their interests will overlap and spill into their everyday lives. This means that topics such as finance, cars, holidays, books and interior design can remain relevant to their interests, as well as toy reviews, parenting tips and so on.

What can mummy bloggers offer you?

There are many ways to connect and collaborate with mummy bloggers UK brands recommend and rate.

Content Creation/Sponsored Posts

This is my favourite method of working with brands as it gives me full creative control over the content I am publishing on my own blog. Content creators are likely creative people and will enjoy having the freedom to put their own spin on something that highlights your brands strengths.

As a brand, you’d want to have a clear idea in mind of what you want from the blogger and set out your brief/any key rules that need to be followed at the beginning of the project.

I highly recommend using the Get Blogged marketplace

Get Blogged is a brilliant digital outreach marketplace that connects brands to quality bloggers. Brands can send over a brief, including vital information, appropriate links, and the fee. Bloggers can then access this information and, if they’re interested, send a pitch over to you with their content ideas. It’s a very efficient way to get your brand out there into the blogging world quickly and with minimal fuss.

As a blogger, I love using Get Blogged as it allows me to very quickly and easily see what type of content brands are looking for and I can then assess whether I am a suitable content creator for them, and whether their fee suits me. Get Blogged also allows me to search for opportunities via DA scores, as well as categories, so I know that every time I apply for a job, I meet the criteria set out by the brand, thus saving everyone’s time! 

Other ways to collaborate with mummy bloggers.

These are just a few of my favourite ways to collaborate with brands. They serve both the blogger and the business, which is an important aspect of collaborating with bloggers.

Product Reviews

One of the most obvious and popular collaboration options is offering a blogger something to review. In exchange for a product, the blogger will then test it out and write a detailed review on their blog, offering original imagery, a real-mum’s opinion and links back to your website. Toy reviews do particularly well and these posts are great to share across your social media platforms when Christmas is getting closer. 

Social Media Posts

This type of collaboration is quick and easy for both parties involved. When approaching a blogger about curating or promoting a social media post, be prepared for there to be a fee involved. It stands to reason that the higher the follower count your specific blogger has, the higher their potential reach and therefore the higher their fee. You may want to request insights into how that specific post is performing, but if that’s the case, please make sure you’re upfront about that during the initial communications.

Hosting Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway is a fun way for bloggers and brands to come together and mutually gain followers, fans, engagement, and exposure. Giveaways are always going to be hugely popular and they’re a great way to get your brand out there and seen by lots of people.

Link Inserts

If you’re looking for credible links back to your website in order to help grow your DA and trust flow, working with mummy bloggers on a link insertion basis is an effective way to do so. Typically a brand will find a post they think is relevant to their niche and reach out to the blogger via email. Admin fees will incur to insert your brand’s link into a post that the blogger has already written, however some bloggers may accept a link placement on your website in lieu of payment. In that instance, it’s better for your site’s DA to be higher than that of the blogger’s. 

Guest Post Hosting 

If your company has in-house writers, or you’re willing to create engaging, unique content for yourself instead of paying the blogger to create some, guest posting may be a beneficial way for you to work with mummy bloggers. Sending a prewritten piece, along with an arranged anchor text and URL enables the blogger to easily upload your content onto their blog.

5 Mummy Bloggers I Love

So now you know how to get in touch with UK Mummy bloggers and several ways in which you could work together to market your brand, here are my 5 favourite mummy bloggers. These are in no particular order, and it’s important to remember that having an engaged audience is sometimes more important than having a huge follow count. Here are my top 5 mummy bloggers to check out in 2021.

  1. Whimsical Mumblings
  2. Lady Baby Mum
  3. Brummy Mummy Of 2
  4. The Incidental Parent
  5. Feeding My Family For Less

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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