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It’s that time again, time for another monthly favourites. I absolutely love doing this style of post, although I am a bit unorganised and tend to skip a few months in between!

I am going to sort of mix it all together, rather than doing mine and then Luke’s. Also, they’re in no particular order – just things that we have been absolutely loving this past month.

Luke: Reward Stickers 
Oh my gosh, Luke has really got to the age where stickers are amazing. So, although we have that huge pack of 700 Frozen stickers you may have seen on Instagram, we are both really loving reward stickers! Awesome, shiny, foiled stickers that are reusable – what more could a 1 year old ask for? His favourites are Peppa Pig (obvs) and Thomas and Friends.

March Favourites. Thomas and Friends Reward Stickers from
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Mummy: Wine
Speaking of rewards… Being a full time mummy, full time house maid, part time student and part time blogger, sometimes you find yourself needing a little something something to help you relax in the evenings. Of course, it just so happens I am the biggest light weight in the world, so my usual pre-baby glass or Rose turns into a half lemonade/half wine situation. But I still thoroughly enjoy a glass at the end of a hectic day. (Seriously though, a single glass, don’t want to get too merry!)

March Favourites. Stowells Wine from
Usually I drink Echo Falls/Blossom Hill/Gallo White Zinfandel

Mummy: Yoga
And for a slightly more healthy way of unwinding after a long day, I have started doing yoga again. Pre-baby, I loved yoga and did it every day. Last month I decided to start taking it up again. I suffer from such terrible back pain, even before I was pregnant, and as doctors seem to be useless and just tell me to take codeine, I find this to be a far more effective method of pain management. I am also definitely noticing some actual muscle! Not in my arms, I definitely have no abs, but in my legs. I am not doing it to lose weight, but as part of a slightly more healthy lifestyle. It’s also incredibly relaxing.

Yoga fomr March Favourites at
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Luke: Megabloks
Megabloks = pure love. Every morning, after breakfast, the first toy that comes out is the huge sack of Megabloks. Luke drags this bumper pack across the floor and then spends about five minutes trying to work out how to get it from the floor onto the sofa. He is a pro builder and I have watched his Megabloks understanding increase so much during the past month. With normal building blocks, he’s a wizz kid but he found Megabloks quite hard to begin with. Now he builds really tall towers, and what I call “princess towers” – he builds up around the figure of the girl – and he is kind of obsessed with the flags. Everything he builds has to have a flag on the top. We also practice his counting and colours by building/sorting into groups.

Megabloks, March Favourites from

Luke: E45 Kids Cream
Luke seems to permanently be teething, which means he is permanently dribbling – that tends to cause him to have a little teething rash on his neck and chin. Aside from using teething granules and teething gel to stop the actual dribble, I have been using this cream on the affected areas and it has worked wonders. When things are particularly bad for Luke and he has some eczema type patches on the backs of his knees, or his legs are a bit dry, we also bathe Luke using this cream. I run a lovely bath and use it as a kind of soap, just rubbing it all over and then rinsing off. It is also part of the post bath time routine/pre-bed time routine. We used to use Johnson’s Bed Time lotion but now we use this religiously. I squirt a bit into my hand and sit Luke on my lap, he helps me to rub the lotion in as well. It has worked really well for Luke and I will definitely be getting more of this once the bottle runs out.

E45 Junior Moisturising Lotion from March Favourites at

Mummy: Succulents and Daffodils
It’s Spring! That obviously means Daffodils. Apart from being the perfect Spring flower, they remind me of where I grew up and bring back memories of mini-me running around Cornish fields. Lovely! Also this month, I got a little bit into Succulents. I just think they look…cute. Plus, they are practically indestructible AND you can grow entire new plants from their leaves. Overall, they’re pretty rad plants. Also, I got them for a £1 each. Bargain.

Succulents from March Favourites from

Luke: Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set (H&A)
Luke loves this so much, almost as much as the Megabloks. H&A make awesome toys, and these are no exception. The foam letters stick to the bath tub and the tiles, they (obviously) float and they’re really colourful. They also often don’t stay in the bath. Luke has taken to bringing them in from the bathroom and playing with them all on the sofa. At some point in the near future, I’ll be posting about how we have also been using these babies to learn our colours. I would recommend these for babies and toddlers of any age – even if the concept of them being letters isn’t going to be understood, they’re really fun and Luke is amazed by how the stick to the bath. I would have taken my own photo, but they’re draining all the water out at the moment and not looking too snazzy!

March Favourites // H and A Alphabet Set from

Mummy: Soap And Glory Wonderbronze & Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick
I am a big Soap And Glory fan, but only recently have I started using their make up. And, if you read THIS post, you’ll know that it is only recently that I have really started to experiment and enjoy make up more. This last month, I have been really loving Soap And Glory’s Wonderbronze and their Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in “The Missing Pink”. I adore this lippy, it smells and feels lush and the colour is the perfect nude!

 Soap and Glory Wonderbroze and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker from March Favourites at

March was a busy old month for us and we have got through so many lovely things; it was quite hard to narrow it down. And writing this post now, it looks as if I may not have done a very good job of it!!

And one more thing:

Divergent Quote Tattoo at March Favourites from
Pretty sure I didn’t get this in March and some one did pay for it for me, but this is my Be Brave shoulder tattoo which I am in love with. Yes, I now have two Dystopia themed novel tattoos on my body. How exciting. 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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