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Money: Weekly Vegetarian Meal Plan #2

This weekend is my birthday and as a special (budget friendly) treat, Mikey is taking me camping! So that means that our Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals will all be glorious budget BBQ foods.

Budget Vegetarian Weekly Meal Planning at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

As mentioned in last weeks vegetarian meal plan, Mikey eats meat but doesn’t often get the opportunity to have a “full on” meaty meal because of my being a vegetarian; as you can imagine, he’s very much looking forward to having some classic BBQ food over the weekend.

As we’re away from Friday midday, we’ve only really done a shop and plan for four days worth of vegetarian meals – the rest will be us just winging it.

Monday’s Meal:

Quorn Cornish Pasties with sweet potato wedges and salad.

Yep! These were on last week’s meal plan, but somehow we never ended up making them up and the mixture was still in the freezer. So that’s something we can easily bash out.

Tuesday’s Meal:

Quiche, Roasted Vegetable Couscous and Salad.

Wednesday’s Meal:

Sweet Potato Risotto.

(Currently Mikey’s favourite budget food)

Thursday’s Meal:

Veggie Toad In The Hole.

Using Quorn sausages instead of meaty ones and a rosemary batter.

The Weekend:

Lots and lots of BBQ food! Mikey has burgers, and to save money, he’s going to marinate some chicken and ribs the night before and go a bit mad on the meat front. I have some vegetarian Linda McCartney Mozzarella Burgers and some halloumi to make into burgers (honestly, barbecued halloumi burgers are where it’s at!)


This week’s vegetarian meal plan ended up as fairly cheap shop because we only had to factor in four meals. We didn’t think there was much point buying our food for the weekend as we can easily just pop to a shop while we are down there and buy the food fresh. That means it’ll be tastier and we have more room for our camping gear in the car (fitting all your camping gear into a Nissan Micra is an elite skill!) We still had to place an order worth over £25 to be eligible for delivery from ASDA, so I treated myself to some rosé wine and a few pale ale’s for Mikey – after all, it is my birthday week!

Food and alcohol came to a total of £36.

We got 50p cash back on our vegetarian Quorn sausages by using the shopping app Checkout Smart.

Budget Vegetarian Weekly Meal Planning at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

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