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Harmony Ball Pregnancy Necklaces: What Makes Them So Special?

This is a collaborative post. When I was pregnant with Oscar, Mikey bought me a gorgeous harmony ball necklace for Christmas. I was completely in love with it and thought it was such a beautiful, thoughtful gift for a pregnant woman. So much so, I included harmony ball necklaces in my Mother’s Day gift guide that year. I’ve decided to write a blog post showcasing some fantastic and intricately designed harmony ball pregnancy necklaces that I’ve found, as well as explaining in more detail why they’re so special. What are harmony ball pregnancy necklaces? You may have seen harmony ball pregnancy necklaces floating around in your social media feeds, but if not, let me tell you more about them! Harmony ball necklaces, also known as Angel Callers or Bola necklaces are a small pendant on the end of a long chain. They’re traditionally worn by pregnant women in many cultures…

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