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Why is it so hard to make mum friends?

Making mum friends is clearly something I struggle with. I have terrible social anxiety, so something as simple as just making friends with someone isn’t as easy for me as it may be for other people. I am not naturally an extrovert – I like to keep myself to myself. I don’t want to butt in on someone’s conversation or invade their little circle of friends. Previously, I’d thought this was just being polite, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe that’s what you’re meant to do. I have found myself trying a lot harder to make mum friends since Luke started school. He’s now in Year 1 and I can report that, despite him attending the school for one and a half years, I still haven’t made any mum friends. Sure, I may have had a few awkward exchanges with two or three of the other mums there, but…

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