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Perfectly Presented Kitchen Flooring Through Karndean

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If you believe that your kitchen was simply a place to cook food then you are missing out on it being the most important room in the home for activity and family gatherings.

The kitchen has become as much a sociable area for your family to hang out together as your living room. This is why when it comes to flooring, you need something that provides qualities of durability, ease and functionality.

Many people make the mistake of choosing tiles, laminate or a hardwood floor to combat the many steps and many more spills that pose a challenge for other flooring options.

Modern living room with parquet flooring and stylish furniture

Introducing Karndean

Many people who were early to jump to luxury vinyl flooring in its infancy had a right to complain about its qualities, with its poor wear layers and being ugly in design look.

Today, vinyl such as Karndean click vinyl flooring has taken leaps and bounds to become a leader in the market of flooring for how it should be, from its incredible ease in installation to overall look and feel.

If you had ceramic tile, you face the prospect of it cracking upon contact with any dropping pans or cups which leads to expensive replacement or repairs. With luxury vinyl flooring, you face a flooring option that does not crack and even if you do need to replace a tile, it’s an inexpensive exercise in money and time. 

The look and feel of premium flooring ranges like Karndean provide comfort underfoot from a cushioned quality and when used with underfloor heating can provide a genuine warmth throughout the home without the threat of rising due to temperature changes.

Gourmet kitchen features white shaker cabinets with marble countertops, stone subway tile backsplash, double door stainless steel refrigerator and gorgeous kitchen island.

Ultimate in Finishes

Able to perfectly mimic natural woods and stones, Karndean click vinyl flooring provides a greater sense of satisfaction with the finished look of your home.

Your floor is the part that does its job, your job would be finding the right style, of which you are not limited towards. Enabling you to channel your inner interior designer you can have alternating patterns or wilder designs through different sectors of the house, using colours of tile or tones within woods.

Providing the best in hard wear layering to prevent scuffs and marks, people choose luxury vinyl flooring due to extensive warranties that back up the claim that it is a long term investment for your home.

With vinyl products such as Karndean click vinyl flooring, your kitchen can be the best place for a family environment and the best place to showcase your lasting style.

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