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Popular Styles of Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses 2024

After dominating recent runway shows, sage green will be everywhere next year as brides seek out unique colours for their wedding parties.

Sage offers a spectrum of shades to match any wedding style. Beautiful, flowy bridesmaid dresses in this must-have colour are about to be all over Pinterest and Instagram.

If you’re looking for a way to make your maids stand out in an unexpected way, look no further than sage green bridesmaid dresses. This guide will cover the most popular sage dress styles straight from the 2024 bridal runways.

Choosing the Perfect Shade of Sage Green

Sage green dresses come in a wide variety of shades, so choosing the right hue for your wedding is key. Here are some of the most versatile and on-trend options for 2024:

  • Yellow-toned Organic Greens: Ranging from a pale celery to deep artichoke, these shades work well for any season and match both warm and cool colour palettes.
  • Blue-toned Sea Glass Greens: With an aqua undertone, these work perfectly for outdoor spring and summer weddings. Think pistachio, mint, and light jade greens.
  • Earthy Forest Greens: Deep green hues like pine and hunter green complement fall and winter colour schemes beautifully.
  • Metallic Greens: For a glam look, metallics like emerald, sagebrush, and sequin greens add lavish vibrance.
  • Once you select a shade, make sure all your sage dresses match in tone. Mixing clashing undertones can look mismatched. Swatches are a great way to ensure colour consistency across all your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Top Bridesmaid Dress Styles for 2024

From whimsical and romantic to sleek and modern, here are the most popular sage green bridesmaid dress styles you’ll see everywhere in 2024:

Spaghetti Straps

Delicate spaghetti straps allow for maximum tanning for summer weddings. These stripped-down straps complement flowy A-line shapes beautifully.


Flutter Sleeves

Nothing says ethereal and romantic like flowy flutter sleeves. Pair the delicate sleeves with an A-line sage dress for a cotton-candy inspired vibe. Great for garden weddings.

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Lace Accents

Timeless and vintage-inspired, sage dresses with lace detailing, like illusion jewel necklines or lace-trimmed hems, add a touch of refinement.


Off-the-Shoulder Wraps

Wrap-style off-the-shoulder sage dresses are ultra chic and on-trend. The wrapped neckline flatters the shoulders and collarbones for an elegant bridal party look.


One-Shoulder Styles

Modern one-shoulder sage dresses make a striking style statement. The asymmetrical neckline pairs well with sleek silhouettes and metallic shoes.


Long Sleeves

For winter weddings, long-sleeved sage dresses provide coverage while still looking elegant. Accent with belted waists or jewel necklines.


Cold Shoulder

Fun cold shoulder sage dresses show just a peek of skin. The cut-out shoulders offset fuller skirts for a trendy bridesmaid look.


Hi-Low Hemlines

Fun and flirty hi-low hemlines with a short front and long back elongate the legs. Show off bridesmaids’ shoes and add dance floor motion.


Styling Your Sage Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you’ve found the ideal sage green bridesmaid dresses, it’s time for fun with styling. Accessorizing and glamming up your maids really makes these dresses pop. Here are some top styling recommendations for sage bridesmaid dresses in 2024:

  • Give sage dresses a boho vibe with floral crowns featuring roses, greenery, and babies breath all layered into loose, voluminous curls or braids.
  • For black tie affairs, adorn maids with emerald and diamond jewelry including teardrop earrings, tennis bracelets and crystal hair pins.
  • Match metallic shoes to other gold, rose gold, or silver accessories like belts on the dresses. Strappy heels lend elegance.
  • Incorporate sage into bouquets with succulents and eucalyptus greens mixed with neutral flowers like peonies or ranunculus blooms.
  • Play with textures by layering lace or chiffon overlays over satin sage dresses. Go for capes, jackets or stoles.
  • Incorporate Galatea and goddess themes with billowing silhouette gowns, floral wreaths and natural sandalwood perfume oils.

The most important tip? Let the breathtaking sage dress be the star and adorn your maids in enhancements, not distractions. Simplicity is key to let the beauty of the colour and dress design shine.

Choosing Complimentary Bridesmaid Bouquets

Your bridesmaids’ bouquets should blend beautifully with the shades of sage green featured in their dresses. Here are some top floral and accent pairings:

  • Complement paler sea glass shades with white roses, seeded eucalyptus, baby’s breath, snapdragons, orchids, and astilbe.
  • For deeper forest greens, incorporate hydrangea, dahlias, carnations, ranunculus, as well as pops of burgundy calla lilies or black dahlias.
  • With yellow-undertoned sage, white and blush peonies, roses, tulips and lilies make great pairings. As do herbs like rosemary, thyme and lavender.
  • For purple-leaning emerald greens, add iris, violets, lilacs, or asters along with greenery like ivy vines or myrtle branches.
  • Metallic accents like gold-tipped protea blooms or silver-dusted ferns and eucalyptus add glam.

Aim for muted cool-toned bouquets to complement the green without competing. Avoid bright reds, oranges or hot pinks next to sage dresses. let your florist know the shades of green so they can design perfectly unified bouquets.

Photographing Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sage green dresses make wonderful additions to your dreamy light-filled wedding photos. However, lighting can impact how the dresses appear on camera. Follow these tips for flawless sage green dress photos:

  • Take test photos in lighting similar to your ceremony and reception venues before the wedding to check how the color renders and make adjustments if needed.
  • Add artificial lighting like portable flashes to fill in any shadows, especially if shooting outdoors or at sunset when natural light is limited.
  • For outdoor photos, schedule them around midday when sunlight is brightest to avoid a dark, murky forest green coming through.
  • Pose bridesmaids under hanging cafe lights or string lights to illuminate their dresses evenly.
  • Adjust any discolored settings in editing like white balance or saturation if the sage appears too blue, gold, or darkened.
  • Backlight the dresses to make the chiffon or lace pop brightly and appear translucent. Have the sun or flashes behind the subjects.
  • Take detail close-ups of textured bodices and skirts so the lace and beading shines.
  • Bring out the color richness by embracing any lens flare or gradients that naturally occur when shooting toward sunlight.

Your sage green bridesmaid dresses are sure to stun in your wedding photos. Scouting locations and planning lighting ahead of time ensures the beauty translates on camera.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses give your wedding a breath of fresh air while still feeling timeless. Whether paired with boho floral crowns or sleek diamond jewelry, this organic green flatters everyone.

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