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“Secret” cities of Europe for the most travelled

Do you consider yourself a well-travelled person? Have you travelled around Europe and met its most important cities? Have you explored unknown villages and hidden paradises? And yet, there is much more to see! We have discovered some of the destinations that each give us a different special occasion to expand our European horizons. Let’s find out:

black toy car on world map paper
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Ardmore, Ireland

This tourist fishing village is located in the southeast of Ireland, in the city of Waterford. It magically transports you to past decades, even before the creation of local markets and hotel units. We would say that it combines simplicity and luxury at the same time. With an ideal base, the Cliff House Hotel, which has 39 seaside rooms with an indoor pool and spa, starts your exploration in the breweries, distilleries and diaries of the area, taking a taste of how the locals live.

Dijon, France

Famous for its wine and food, Dijon is the historic capital of Burgundy and the hidden ace of France, where the arts develop and evolve! Visit it in July, so you can be at the Diese festival, where the palaces of the area, which date back to the Renaissance, host theatrical and musical performances!

Bibbona, Italy

If you need a few days of relaxation and detoxification from the city’s stressful life, you have just found the right place! At the 16-room Relais Sant ’Elena, located on a vast farm reminiscent of an old mansion, the days begin with freshly baked bread and locally produced honey. Still, booking?

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

For years, well-to-do Dutch people relaxed carefree on this seaside gem, as few had discovered it. An hour outside of Amsterdam, Noordwijk is the ideal choice for an escape for both locals and those who live miles away!

Somerset, England

In one year, more than 85,000 people have visited this city. The reason; The Hauser & Wirth Exhibition Center, which opened its gates last July and is a well-known meeting place for art lovers from all over the world.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Voted European capital for 2019. Here is an excellent occasion to visit it. There, you will find the Roman amphitheatre, which dates from the 2nd century and is used as a concert venue. But the surprises do not stop here. Several Ottoman mansions have been converted into galleries, such as the City Gallery Plovdiv, which features painters of Bulgarian descent, including Encho Pironkov and Zlatyu Boyadzhir.

Malaga, Spain

It is reasonably characterized as the centre of art, as there are places such as the Museo Picasso and the Carmen Thyssen Museum, making it one of the cities worth visiting.

Intendente, Lisbon

It is remarkable how a notorious area of the past was able to enter our list. It was famous for its market love, but now it is filled with puppet coffees, such as “Odas Jonas” and “Josephine bistro & bar”. It also has an interesting market and if you like the vintage element, be sure to visit the store “A Vida Portuguesa”, and you will remember us! The beautiful Kit Joana Vasconcelos garden is a meeting point for the residents and is recommended for a relaxing walk.

West Wales

With its beautiful fishing villages, charming shops, and secluded beaches, the area can also be described as a “masterpiece”. In its restaurants, you can find fresh seafood snacks, delicious desserts, but also sophisticated dishes such as Welsh pheasant garnished with honey and bacon! West Wales is ideal for exploring by car, getting to know all the major attractions and landmarks in the area. If you do not have a car, it would be good to trust a car rental company, offering you complete security and autonomy during your travels. Such as the company Enjoy Travel, which provides quality rental services to those who wish to cross the entire region of Wales and especially the region of West Wales.

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