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Supporting Your Child with their Mental Health

Despite a lot of differing opinions, children have to manage their mental health just like if they were adults. Unfortunately, kids can have a different level of understanding when it comes to their mental health – they may not know the right social cues, places to turn nor how to cope.

In this guide from a grammar school in Surrey, we take a look at the ways you can help support your children in managing their mental health.

carefree child enjoyment field
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Take the time to listen to them

Having someone that listens to them will make a lot of difference. Show that you care by clearly lending a hand in their work, paying attention to their development and other ways that bring a wealth of positivity in your child. A child that knows their parents are there to support them, whatever the issue, is more likely to open up to you in their life as opposed to parents that don’t give them the opportunity.

Keep a close eye on behavioural changes

A key part of seeing whether a child needs more mental health support is through any key changes to a child’s behaviour. If they’re acting more uptight, stressed, or more likely to feel upset even about the small things then they may need a bit more support. Try not to intervene straight away and give them the space to feel like they can approach you when the time is right.

Talk to your child’s teachers

Your child’s teachers are going to have more time seeing how your child develops their skills. They may be pulling back in class or struggling in particular areas where they weren’t before. While this may not be due to mental health specifically, teachers are trained to know where they can support their students and are able to advise what parents can do to help support them at home.

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