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The different types of timber cladding that can be used on a building

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Timber cladding has become a popular feature among the architectural and building industry over the last couple of years and has proven to have many benefits. If you are considering using timber cladding but aren’t sure which type of material to go for, here are some of the different types of timber cladding Perth experts recommend for use on buildings. 

Oak cladding 

Oak cladding is one of the most traditional types of timber cladding that is available on the market. This is due to its durability and strength. The oak cladding is air or kiln-dried to ensure maximum structural stability. It also comes in a wide range of colours, meaning you will definitely find a shade to suit your style.

Charred timber cladding

Charred timber cladding is another popular option, as not only is it beautiful but it is extremely long lasting. This type of cladding involves a modern application of the ancient Japanese art of charring timber, which provides it which a beautiful finish as well as a weatherproof exterior. Charred timber cladding is usually darker than other materials but looks beautiful and sleek on the outside of a building.

Larch cladding

If you are looking to use a softwood covering on your building, then larch cladding will be a great option for you. This softwood cladding comes in a wide variety of colours and can really add some warmth to the exterior of a building, as it is typically either yellow or medium brown. Due to the softness of the wood, larch cladding must be treated frequently as if left untreated, the wood can start to turn a greyish colour. This can occur due to the weather damaging the wood but don’t worry as it is easily treated.

Western red cedar cladding

Another popular material is western red cedar, which is great for cladding a building. Although western red cedar cladding is a softwood it is extremely strong and durable, and also rot resistant. It also comes in a number of different colours, meaning you can find the perfect colour for you.

European oak cladding

Unlike larch and western red cedar, European oak cladding is a hardwood. This means it has a high density and is probably more durable. European oak is typically a golden-brown colour which looks beautiful and can add great warmth to the exterior of a building.

Thermowood timber cladding

Thermowood is a heat-treated pine, with a dark brown tone throughout. This type of cladding has a medium density, meaning it is durable and rot resistant, but must be treated from time to time. Seeing as it is thermally modified, it means that the wood provides stability and less shrinkage on the exterior of a building. 

As you can see there are a number of different timber cladding available, each providing a number of different benefits. Additionally, you can even elevate your cladding game with these cladding accessories, such as concealed fixtures.

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