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Tips For Hiding Hair-Extensions in Your Hair to Achieve a Natural-Looking Voluminous Hair

The year 2022 is the year for voluminous hair looks. Numerous celebrities have opted for long and thick luscious hair. Celebrities use different types of extensions to create a flawless voluminous hair look. 

Most Celebs opt for clip-in hair extensions, so they do not have to deal with hair attachments every day. These seamless hair extensions are perfect for people who want long hair for special events but do not want to keep it for a long time. 

Use Quality Product

To quote Cristian Dior,

“Don’t buy much but make sure that what you buy is good.”

A low-priced extension can never justify its purchase. You cannot hide an extension that is different in texture, sheen, and quality from your hair. You have to buy a hair extension that looks real enough for you to make it hide. 

Buy a human hair extension if you have the budget for it. The durability and usage that a human hair extension can provide you will justify the money that you spend on it. You can match the texture and shade of your hair, and because it consists of natural hair, it will blend in with your actual hair. Before you do anything with your hair, it is essential to take professional advice to keep it safe. You may Learn More here about the hair type and best suitable hair treatment that you can use.

Easy To Install

Clip-in hair extensions are not difficult to install in your hair, but tape-in hair extensions require a professional touch. Once you buy your required packs of tape-in hair extensions, you have to take them to a salon and ask your hairstylist to install them in your hair.

You can get advice for hiding your clip in extensions from your stylist. They will be able to guide you about the recommended steps and guidelines. But you will probably not need any advice for installing clip-in hair extensions because you will get better at hiding it by practicing.

Get It Trimmed with Your Natural Hair

If your hair length is shorter than your hair extensions and your hair is not layered and has a blunt cut, you need to get your haircut with your hair extensions installed. If you do not get a haircut after installing the hair extensions, your hair will look chopped and create a distinct line in the middle of your extension.

 It is better to get a layered haircut while wearing your hair extensions to blend your hair extensions with your natural hair. It is not new for stylists to cut hair with hair extensions; they have experience in such haircuts.

All you need to keep in mind is to install the clip-in hair extensions in the same spot every time.

Style It After Application

If you have clip-in hair extensions, it is better to style your hair with the extension. Styling the hair after installing the clip-ins will help blend the extensions in your hair and avoid inconsistencies in your styling.

Backcomb your hair before using your hair extension; it will help your hair extension stay in one place. Make a part horizontally across your head in the lower curve of your scalp and lift your hair. 

Clip the hair extension in this part of your hair and cover it with natural hair to hide the clips. You will learn how to style your hair with extension if you practice. Therefore, give it some time. 

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