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Top 8 Myths About Female Testosterone Replacement Therapy Debunked

There is a general notion that testosterone is only essential for men. However, from the numerous articles talking about the benefits of testosterone in females, it is clear that this is a critical hormone in men and women. However, the T-levels must be balanced for a woman to benefit from it. Low or high testosterone hormones have different impacts. When it comes to female testosterone deficiency, a woman may experience low sex drive, risk of heart disease, low energy, and other issues. Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment designed to curb the problems related to low testosterone. There are numerous myths behind this treatment. This article will debunk these myths and give facts about testosterone replacement therapy and its benefits for women.

women back to back sitting on the floor
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Myth 1. Testosterone is for Men

Testosterone is a dominant hormone in men. However, it does not mean that women do not produce testosterone. There are many benefits of testosterone in women. However, the hormone must be at balanced levels to avoid complications. Therefore, replacing lost testosterone is not a thing for men. It also works for females to gain the benefits of testosterone in the body.

Myth 2. Testosterone Therapy Causes Masculinity in Women

Testosterone is associated with masculinity in men, but that does not mean women become masculine after restoring the hormone to normal levels. Women who get TRT treatment become more feminine. Testosterone helps create lean muscle mass, improve mood, and control weight. Therefore, there is no evidence of masculinity in women who have used TRT unless in extremely high doses.

Myth 3. The Only Role of Female Testosterone is Libido

Another notion is that testosterone is only responsible for libido and sex drive. Even if this is one of the main benefits, it only plays a small part. There are many ways of increasing sex drive in women. Furthermore, accessible testosterone replacement therapy comes with numerous other benefits, including better sleep, improved energy and muscle health, strong bones, heart health, skin and hair growth, and others. Therefore, testosterone therapy has numerous mental and physical benefits.

Myth 4. Testosterone Therapy Causes Hair Loss

There is no indication that T therapy causes hair loss in women. Men have a high T level, and people assume that testosterone causes hair loss in men. Hair loss is multifactorial, which means that different factors cause hair loss. In addition to age, hair loss can also result from insulin resistance in women. In fact, one of the symptoms of female testosterone deficiency is thinning hair. Therapy promotes hair growth by encouraging the production of collagen. Women can enjoy think and strong hair after replacement therapy.

Myth 5. A Woman Becomes Aggressive After Treatment

There is a prevalent myth that TRT causes aggression in women. However, it is arguable that irritability has something to do with personality or a high dose of antibiotics. There is no recorded instance of aggression in women who have gone through replacement therapy. Hormones like estrogen cause irritability and aggression in women. In fact, testosterone is responsible for reduced anxiety and irritability.

Myth 6. Testosterone Therapy Risks Heart Health

It is irrational to assume that testosterone contributes to heart health issues in women. There is no viable evidence to support the claim that TRT has adverse effects on heart health. The clinical and biological evidence on replacement therapy shows that testosterone is a cardiovascular protective element. Its impact in improving metabolism and preventing fat buildup has successfully prevented cardiovascular disease. Low testosterone is associated with a high risk of cardiovascular health and what the treatment does is decrease the dangers linked with heart health.

Myth 7. Testosterone Therapy Increases Breast Cancer Risks

The main culprit of breast cancer is well known. Estrogen, the primary hormone in women. It is responsible for developing breast cancer and there is no relationship between testosterone and breast cancer. Testosterone plays a vital role in delaying the growth of the cancerous tissue.

Myth 8. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Damages the Liver

Taking oral synthetic androgens harms the liver. It prevents the circulation of entero-hepatic. When taken in high doses, synthetic androgens cause damage to the liver. However, original testosterone compounds like implants, gel, and patches are safe with no adverse effects. There is no alteration like blood clotting, unlike synthetic androgens.

Key Takeaways

From the facts above, female testosterone therapy is not destructive but rather constructive. It comes with emotional, physical, and mental benefits for women. Therefore, abandon these myths and seek the best treatment option to gain the benefits of testosterone. Your medical provider will assist you in picking the best option. 

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