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What is the difference between blinds and curtains?

With many window coverings on the market today, finding the best one for your home can be a challenge. If you are thinking about changing up your windows, you might be curious about the benefits of hanging curtains over installing blinds or shutters. Each option has its unique benefits, and a choice between the three may come down to more of a personal style than anything else. 

a brown wooden table with chairs near the glass door
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The benefits of hanging curtains in your home

The first thing you should know about hanging curtains is that they can be a great design option for your room and will bring together your colour choices to finish your style. Curtains come in a variety of colours, patterns and hanging styles, so depending on your window type, one style may suit more than another. Curtains work well for blocking out heavy sunlight, and if your choice of material is thicker, you may also prevent your room from getting too warm during the summer months. 

There are some drawbacks to hanging curtains, however. Cleaning your curtains can be a bit of a nightmare as you will need to remove them from the wall and wash them to keep their shine. Your colour choice may fade over time as they are in direct sunlight, and this could leave your room looking a little washed out and tired. Curtains also need to be hung outside of your window frame, and if you have smaller room sizes, this could be quite encroaching on your space.

The pros and cons of installing blinds

Blinds are a popular type of window covering that is generally made of slatted material. Blinds can be used to adjust and regulate the amount of natural light coming through your windows. Installing blinds will offer privacy and protection for your family and your home whilst not having to shut out your natural light or airflow completely. Generally, blinds can be installed on the inside of your window frame, making them a popular option for smaller rooms that need to maximise on space. 

Cleaning your blinds is more manageable than cleaning your curtains; however, if you have pets, your blinds could become their favourite place to explore, leaving them susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Blinds are available in a rigid material such as wood or softer fabrics, depending on your style choice, but be aware that you may need to get your blinds rehung throughout their lifetime as they may drop slightly more on one side after a while. Your local blinds Aylesbury specialist will be able to help you with this.

Other window coverings you may want to consider

If you are looking for a window covering with a difference, you may not want to install blinds or hang curtains at all. Window shutters are also growing in popularity as a cost-effective and creative way to protect your home from the outside world. They are long-lasting, more stylish, and contemporary than choosing blinds or curtains.

How your dress your windows can be a big decision, and you will need to incorporate your design ideas as well as the practicalities of the dressings themselves. In some situations, you may decide that a combination of two out of three of these popular window coverings could work well in your home. 

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