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What Should You Do to Cook the Perfect Beef Steak?

Beef is the meat of cattle eaten as roasts, ribs, steaks, or in minced forms. As it contains high-quality protein and minerals, beef can be a part of a healthy diet plan. Beefsteak is commonly served in many restaurants that specialise in Australian food culture.

Cooking the perfect beef steak can be tricky, though. If you wish to prepare the best beef recipe like an experienced chef at home, a site like can help you hone your skills.

ingredients for delicious lunch with meat and vegetables
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Types of Beef Steak

According to a recent report, more than 63,000 farming businesses produce beef from 43 percent of Australia’s landmass. Before you learn how to cook steak, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the different beefsteak varieties in Australia.

Some standard options are:

  • Tenderloin or filet mignon
  • Porterhouse
  • T-Bone
  • New York strip
  • Flank
  • Hanger
  • Flat Iron
  • Rib Eye
  • Chuck steak
  • Cube steak
  • Skirt
  • Sirloin

Different Levels of Cooking Beefsteak

You can cook Beefsteak according to your taste and specifications. It is crucial to select the right temperature for each level.

Well-done: This looks greyish brown and charred. It is hard and solid to touch. It is the most challenging level of cooking a steak. It is cooked for 5-6 minutes per side and rested for 6 minutes.

Medium well: This is brownish outside with a tinge of pink colour inside. It is tough to cut and chew. Each side is cooked for 3.5 minutes and rested for 5 minutes.

Medium: It is more pinkish from the inside. Although charred from the outside, it is thicker and chewier. Each side is cooked for 3 minutes and put to rest for 4 minutes.

Medium Rare: This steak is half pink and half cooked. It is done just after it passes the correct temperature of cooking a perfect steak. The sides are cooked for 2.5 minutes and then rested for 4 minutes.

Rare: A rare steak is called a perfect steak. It is very juicy and tender. You can watch a step-by-step video online to understand the proper method to cook a rare steak.

Blue Rare: This steak is almost raw. The juices are intact in the steak, and it has a gel-like substance that gives it a thick, chewy taste.

Tips to Cook the Perfect Steak

Follow these easy tricks to cook the best steak like a pro.

  • Defrost the meat for a minimum of 20 minutes before you start cooking. Only a steak that is at room temperature can be cooked evenly.
  • Season the steak well with salt and pepper.
  • Preheat the pan or grill machine before you toss in the piece of meat. It is vital to select the best pan like a heavy griddle or a cast-iron skillet for cooking the perfect beef.
  • Use the best cooking oil or butter to enhance the flavour. You can also add some extra spices and herbs to the meat.
  • Sear it well to get the caramelized look. It gives the best taste for the steak.

Final Note

It is advisable to let the steak rest before cutting it open right after cooking. It helps to retain the juice and zest of the meat.

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