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Where Would You Travel if you Won the Lottery

Winning the lottery – it’s something that we all dream about, but it can be a little hard to picture what we might do with the winnings. After all, to suddenly come into that much money could seem a little overwhelming! Luckily, there are many ways you could spend this to improve your quality of life, and meeting your dream travel goals could be the ideal option!

Today, we’re looking at the question of “where would you travel if you won the lottery,” and considering some of the luxury travel destinations you might visit to make the most of the winnings!

After all, when you’ve won millions (or potentially even more, depending on the draw you enter), money is no object as to where you might travel! So, from luxury South African safaris to the most expensive holiday destinations in the world, we’ve gone through all the options to help you imagine what could be.

Where Would you Travel If You Won the Lottery?

So, you’ve won the lottery, and suddenly, millions of pounds are sitting in your bank account. It’s a dream come true for so many of us – but how would you start spending this money? One option you might pursue is traveling. After all, when you’ve won a substantial sum of money on the lottery, traveling can suddenly become a highly viable opportunity!

But where would you travel if you had suddenly come into so much money? Well, we’ve come up with four top destinations for where you could travel; after all, it only takes one ticket!

#1 Visit the Arctic and Antarctica by Cruise

Winning the lottery could transform your life, and if this is a position you found yourself in, you might want to consider treating yourself to something truly out of the ordinary. To this end, a trip to the Arctic or Antarctica could definitely be on the cards – but that’s not enough for the millionaire lifestyle. Instead, why not go on a luxury cruise with Le Commandant Charcot – a stunning new vessel, which was built in 2021, that can accommodate a total of 270 for the very epitome of luxury travel.

The cruise is designed as the world’s most luxurious icebreaker. And while a cruise of this nature might be off the cards for many of us, if you had just won the lottery, this is one that we would absolutely recommend considering. After all, it combines elegance, pampering, and an unforgettable holiday destination in one excellent package – what’s not to love?

#2 Luxury South African Safari

Another option you might want to consider if you were lucky enough to have won the lottery is a luxury South African safari holiday. Indeed, Safari holidays are incredibly expensive at the best of times – but if you take it a step further and choose a luxury trip, you’re sure to be in for a treat.

After all, you just won millions of pounds – you could afford to!

There are numerous options for luxury South African safaris that you could consider, such as the Royal Malewane in Limpopo through to the Singita Lebombo Lodge and Ivory Lodge Lion Sands in Mpumalanga. In short, if you were lucky enough to have a winning lottery ticket, you could have your pick of all the best luxury South African safari destinations – and you’re sure to make memories of a lifetime here!

#3 Musha Cay – Your Own Private Island

If you’d just claimed on a winning lottery ticket and wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy modern life, renting your own private tropical paradise island could be an option – and that’s exactly what’s on offer at the stunning 150-acre Musha Cay island. Owned by the renowned illusionist David Copperfield, Musha Cay is one of the top getaway destinations for the rich and famous – and you could join in with this with millions of pounds sitting comfortably in your bank account!

#4 Monaco

As the final pick on our list, we’ve gone for Monaco – a truly stunning luxury travel destination that could be the perfect option! Indeed, winning the lottery can come with a huge amount of attention – but in Monaco, home of the super-rich, you’ll still be able to blend in and feel at home even though you’ve won the lottery! 

With a plethora of luxury resorts to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice for sure of where to spend your winnings. What’s more, Monaco is home to a huge variety of stunning tourist sights such as the Prince’s Palace, as well as hosting the iconic Monaco Grand Prix annually in May!


So, we’ve taken a look at some of our dream holiday destinations for if we ever won the lottery – although that’s not to say that you can’t still choose one of these incredible luxury travel choices (or similar) for your next trip. To find out more, get in touch with us today to learn more about luxury travel!


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