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Why is Clinical Trial Important in Breast Cancer Treatment?

Extensive research is often conducted to determine possible treatments for different medical conditions. One such kind of research is clinical trials. While some of us are conversant with the term “clinical trials,” only a few have given it much thought.

Ever since its introduction, clinical trials have had a huge impact on the medical industry and people’s lives. It has proven effective in discovering new ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure diseases, especially life-threatening ones like cancer.

This post explained the importance of clinical trials in breast cancer treatment. 

Types of clinical trials

Clinical trials—when it comes to finding new cancer treatments—can be divided into four types. However, there can be a few overlaps between types depending on the study.=

First phase: The first phase involves test to determine if a new treatment is safe to use

Second phase: The second phase involves tests to determine how well a new treatment works on a particular type of cancer

Third phase: The third phase involves trials that are designed to see how well a new treatment works compared to the best standard treatment

Fourth phase: The fourth phase involves trials that test the progressive effectiveness and safety of a particular treatment after it has been given the green light.

Phase 3 clinical trials, among a few others, rely on a process known as randomization to choose what type of treatment a participant receives. 

With randomization, clinical trial results have a greater chance of reelecting the actual ups and downs of a new treatment. Participants in a clinical study are placed casually into the diverse treatment categories of a trial. While common in some research studies, placebos (inert pills or treatments) are less likely to be used in breast cancer treatment trials.

Don’t have breast cancer? Are there trials for you?

As mentioned earlier, breast cancer research studies involve clinical trials designed to find the appropriate treatment for this condition. However, this trial doesn’t just focus on treatments alone. It also focuses on providing preventive measures for breast cancer and screening. As a result, the study is interested in those with and without breast cancer.

When should you consider a clinical trial?

Should you consider a clinical trial before receiving medical therapy or after? You should try and partake in a breast cancer clinical trial before you receive any type of medical therapy, be it for a first breast cancer or a recurrence.

For several individuals, treatment doesn’t have to be immediately after diagnosis. Hence you have enough time to consider including clinical trials as part of your medical treatment options.

 I’m a survivor. Are there trials for me?

Of course. There are different types of clinical trials designed for breast cancer survivors who aren’t receiving active treatment. These include studies that aim to determine the best approaches for treatment follow-up and the possible survival benefits of lifestyle habits (like exercise, diet, etc.). 


Clinical trials have played important roles in discovering new treatments to battle or manage  “ complex” medical conditions and have also shed light on ways to prevent some of these conditions.

Indeed, over time, we expect clinical trials, especially regarding breast cancer treatments, to result in more medical advances that would change how breast cancer is treated, managed, and prevented. 

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