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10 Best Long-Distance Destinations in the UK

Maybe London is one of the best destinations you can visit in the UK. But if you’re more about long-distance adventures, the places around also offer undeniable charm and opportunities to enjoy. The breathtaking landscapes, beachside destinations, and almost forgotten charming villages can only enrich your experience and make you open to exploring more of the UK.

So, it’s simple, like choosing a destination, hiring a long-distance chauffeur service, and hitting the road. Whether you decide to discover the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands or the enchanting nature of Cornwall’s hidden coves, you won’t get wrong. 

In this article, we’re taking you on a beautiful and adventurous escape, unveiling ten long-distance destinations perfect for a luxurious car journey across Britain’s diversity.

1. The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is a mountainous region in Scotland known for its breathtaking landscapes, lakes, and districts. There are more than 30,000 freshwater lakes that create such picturesque surroundings that take your breath away.

You can indeed hire a driver for a long-distance trip and enjoy the whole adventure. From the moment you step into the car, you’ll be able to learn more about the authentic culture in the Highlands, as well as the local legends and beliefs. 

2. The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the best-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK. It offers a beautiful landscape full of emerald lakes, valleys, and historical stories from different eras. 

It’s a great place for hikers and nature enthusiasts, but also for driving through the valleys and charming villages. 

3. Cornwall

Cornwall is an energetic and charming place that promises an unforgettable experience for everyone visiting it. It’s a romantic getaway perfect for couples who want to explore the UK beyond London. 

The stunning coastline is full of fishing villages, colourful cottages, and cosy bars. Don’t forget to enjoy some seafood, tea, and scones to make the experience unforgettable. I can’t recommend giving Kynance Cove a visit enough!

4. Devon

Devon is a combination of rolling hills, beaches, dramatic coastlines, and beautiful villages. It’s great for historical exploration and calm escapes. 

The Jurassic Coast is the most popular spot, but surely you can hike or walk through the trails or discover the historic harbour towns with cobbled streets. 

5. The Peak District

The Peak District is a scenic national park with so many valleys, dramatic limestones, and charming villages. It’s an important historical location, too, showcasing the long history of the UK. 

So, if you want a cultural experience, outdoor adventure, or just a charming escape from the big city, the Peak District can be the answer to your needs. 

6. Snowdonia

Snowdonia is a mountainous region worth exploring. It’s great for hikers who want to explore more of Wales and learn about the cliffs that hide so many secrets. 

Visiting Wales, especially the region of Snowdonia, is an adrenaline-filled adventure full of cultural experiences and breathtaking scenery. No matter if you hike or just go through the roads using long-distance driver service, you’ll surely enjoy what you see.

7. Northumberland

Northumberland is a unique blend of history and natural beauty. The landscape is surrounded by the Hadrian’s Wall and many castles that guard the coastline. 

You can hike along the beaches and shores, discovering the beauties Northumberland has to offer to the visitors. 

8. Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is another beautiful gem in Wales, full of small villages, coves, cliffs, and hiking trails. 

One of the best things to try there is the fresh seafood in the beautiful restaurants. Wales has so many unique things to offer, and it’s up to you to discover its beauty.

9. Cotswolds

Cotswolds is known for the villages built with light brown, almost honey-coloured stones, with so many busy markets around.

Choose your favourite village to explore, or plan to visit a few of them. You’ll be surprised by the simplicity of living there, or just roaming the streets alone and embracing the spirit of the countryside England.

10. Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales is the perfect place for nature lovers and hikers, and the best – cheese lovers. With a few traditional cheese markets, your taste buds will surely be satisfied.

Additionally, the rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, and small villages encourage you to embrace the charm of the rural areas. 

So, what’s your favourite destination in the UK? 


As you can see, the UK is a lot more than London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Manchester. We are sure all these cities are worth visiting, but they can be pretty busy, too, with tourists and locals. 

So, if you want a unique experience discovering hidden gems and enjoying something different, consider this list of suggestions, no matter if you travel alone, with your significant other, or with your family. 

Choose the most optimal transportation option, and get ready to learn why so many visitors each year decide to skip big cities and focus on smaller and lesser-known British areas.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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