10 Invaluable Newborn Hacks That Parents Must Know About

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Becoming new parents is a life-changing thing. During the first pregnancy with the newborn, the parents (to be at the time) did not know at all what they were going to be in for. They may have on some level had known that their lives were going to change forever. However, they had no idea how impactful it would be. They enjoyed shopping for the baby’s furniture for the nursery in addition to trendy baby clothes that they would dress the baby in. That is because it would be so cute but while they fantasized about how cute their babies would be in those clothes and with other things, they had no idea that their lives would be forever different. 

This is why new parents need to make life with the newborn as easy as possible. And listed below are 10 invaluable hacks for parents of newborns to use so they can make life manageable (somewhat anyway!).   

1. Keep A Lot Of Coconut Oil On Hand

The baby will get cradle cap which is a benign skin condition that is characterized by dry flaky skin from the scalp. Additionally, the newborn will make sticky meconium poops which can be hard to clean during the first few days of life. However, coconut oil will safely remove cradle cap as well as sticky meconium poop stains on the baby’s skin! And it will be removed fast too. Vegetable oil works as well but coconut oil is ideal. 

2. Forget Burp Cloths And Use Old Rags Instead

You know that babies will spit after they are fed which is why burp cloths exist. However, they are expensive and you can be just as protected by using old and larger rags instead to place over your shoulder. 

3. Put A Clean Diaper Underneath The Dirty One During The Change

If you are worried about getting dirty during a diaper change as a blowout could potentially happen during the change which would be stressful, or a big leak could happen – then be sure to put a clean diaper underneath the baby while changing and taking the dirty one away just in case the baby decides to do #1 or #2 during the change. Additionally, keep clothing away while you are changing the baby as you would not want to risk having those get dirty. Wouldn’t it be a shame for those cute boho baby clothes to get dirty?

4. A Kitchen Sink Is Ideal

New moms are going to be understandably too sore to bathe the baby in the bathtub regardless of how delivery happened. That is why bathing the baby in the kitchen sink is a great option. However, it is essential to keep the baby tub in the sink while bathing the baby. It is a safety concern after all. 

5. Keep Extra Bandages Around

You want to have bandages just in case someone gets a cut. However, there is another purpose for those bandages. Occasionally adhesives come off of perfectly good and new diapers that would be wasted if they were thrown out. Diapers are expensive and no need to throw out a perfectly good one just in case the adhesive comes off. That is when you can place a bandage onto it so you have a perfectly good diaper that is not wasted. 

6. Never Chew The Baby’s Nails But Use Nose Hair Clippers Instead

New parents are advised not to cut the baby’s nails which is why they are told to wear mitts. However, it is safe to use nose hair scissors because the tips are rounded and it will not cut the baby. However, biting the baby’s nails is dangerous. Not only will you risk injuring the baby which is one thing you definitely do not want to do. You also will be transferring bacteria from your mouth which can cause serious infections. You will even risk that after cleansing your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash! Don’t do it. 

7. Pacifiers Are Great Medicine Deliverers

Are you dreading the idea of your baby having to go on antibiotics or to take in a medicine? Yeah, that will cause a fight. So that means what you can do is cut a hole into the baby’s pacifier and squirt the medicine through it. Your baby will not even flinch because it will not be noticeable that way!

8. Use A Night Gown That Opens Instead Of A Onesie

Why struggle with a onesie when you can use a sleeper instead to put on and to take off easily by unfastening the bottom and sliding right off of the baby? Onesies can be more challenging in that aspect. However, at Lavender sun, the onesies that are sold are convenient which will not make this necessary. This is only for general knowledge!

9. Use Zipper Sleepers

Zipper sleepers are extremely easy to use as you can zip them up easily and zip them down fast. They are a breeze to put on and to take off. 

10. White Noise Machines Will Make The Baby Tired

It is a fact that newborns will not have their nights and days sorted out and they are not meant to be set on any type of schedule until they reach 6 weeks of age, or later if they were premature. However, the one hack that will work as far as putting the baby to sleep is by using white noise. You can get a white noise machine or an app that delivers white noise. The noise is comforting to the baby as it reminds them of time in the womb. 

Even adults like to sleep with white noise. A machine or app is a must-have for a newborn. 

Parenting a newborn is tough, especially for first-time parents that have no idea what to do as babies do not come with instructions. However, these 10 hacks will make life so much easier for parents as any type of help they can use will mean so much. And it will save a lot of energy as well!

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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